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    Here We go Again!- Government Shutdown

    I wonder what effect this will have on claimants intending to utilize eBenefits for filing a claim against an upcoming deadline. I imagine the paper route may place some claimants beyond their respective time limits.
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    Check your PM.

    Check your PM.
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    Received a letter from the PDBR

    You were rated initially at 20%. Any increase in your rating would amount to disability retirement (30% or greater = retirement). I cannot say what the precise calculation of your retirement pay would be, but you are correct in that a modification of the PEB's rating to 30% or more technically...
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    Thank you. One of the greatest challenges was negotiating the obstacle posed by the page limitations. Unfortunately, many of the finer and otherwise practical points I wanted to address had to yield to the "bigger picture," so to speak. For instance, I had every desire of including a section on...
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    Congratulations to our own Dennis Carnelli!!

    Thank you Jason and everyone for the well wishes and congratulations, it is truly appreciated. I look forward to actively participating in this forum once again. Barring any bad news on my bar results, I will have the time to give back to this forum in a meaningful way. Although I have been...
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    VA vs. Military retirement

    Medical retirement is not contingent on years of service. As you suggested, it is based on the rating you are awarded by the PEB - if 30% or greater, you are medically retired. Jason (the site administrator) has aptly mentioned in some posts from long ago that it is possible for a soldier with...
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    Medical Retirement vs VA

    The most obvious reason to waive DoD disability retirement pay is if the VA disability compensation equates to a greater monthly sum. In many cases, you will simply receive more money by waiving DoD pay in favor of VA compensation. However, it is worth noting that waiver of DoD retirement pay...
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    ARNG MEB timeline 2 years and counting

    -When/How does the VA grant Permanency for his rating? His IU award letter from the VA either (1) states some sort of language of "permanency" or (2) states there will be a future examination. There are regulations out there as to "when" they grant permanency ratings, but generally the award...
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    Please feel free to message me with any questions from my previous posts or with any general...

    Please feel free to message me with any questions from my previous posts or with any general questions regarding the MEB/PEB process.
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    medicalmystery, I messaged you on this - but just so it is part of the "record" here, I did receive my final SLRP payment after discharge (I had one year of service remaining, and one SLRP payment left on my contract). I was medically retired.
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    PreventingUnfairness, Let me first state that, save for your condition being the result of your own misconduct or some other grave injustice occurring, you will not be simply shoved out of the Army in the way you described. But at the same time, your approach and expectations of the process...
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    New Info on PTSD diagnosis at Ft. Lewis

    Robert, This is an interesting development. Any idea who initiated the investigation? (I know it came down from the Surgeon General, but was this the result of a Congressional inquiry or someone/something else?)
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    To all who read this......

    Merry Christmas PEB Forum!
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    GI Bill with Medical Discharge for Junior Officers?

    Short answer: you are likely ineligible. See 38 U.S.C. § 3311(d)(1):
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    GI Bill with Medical Discharge for Junior Officers?

    At a minimum, you need at least 6 years of active service and agree to serve 4 more years to qualify for G.I. Bill transferability. For members undergoing a MEB/PEB, the services seem to provide ways around the 4 year re-enlistment requirement, contingent on the situation (as referral to the...
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