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  • The BCMR denies more often than not as is completely broken as a fair and honest appeal board for disability cases. The point in searching BCMR cases is to find migraine cases where the individual was found not to meet retention standards with frequency less than yours. Those cases can be used to demonstrate your neuroligist's four headaches a week standard is way out of line.
    Send your number and a time to call. The best time for me is 0745-0800 and 1730-1800 Eastern, when I am driving to and from work.

    Just a little shout out to my husband who has given me a ton of behind the scenes moral support! He has been my strength when I had nothing left and been there for me from the very beginning! Thank you! I love you!
    Why are there so many gray areas in these regulations? Man, I know I am not the first to flush them out! What can be done to correct them? This is really frustrating!!!
    I'm not sure this is where I reply but nlaw I do not have facebook 8-( !! I have thought about it but decided against it to keep peace within my home!! LOL
    Hope your day is going well....you have facebook Chem??? Look me up if you do, Nick Lawless- my picture has a picture of an ultrasound (my new one due in Dec). Look me up!
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