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    Walmart and Veterans

    Jeep Freak!! hey. I haven't been on if forever. A lot of ups and downs. GREAT to see your "name". I have to get used to the new format on the website. Hope you are doing well. I'm on because I do have a specific question and I just can't find the answer without calling the VA...and calling VA or...
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    Fight it or let it happen- a real newbie question

    Jason, Sorry to piggyback medoc, but its related. So, I heard that if I take the 40% Perm Retirement they are offering me, at my 15 yrs of service....I am only going to collect the 70% from the VA. Is it like the 40% really doesn't even matter except to give me an idea card? Also-I...
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    TDRL to Perm 40%

    Thanks jeepfreak... I don't think I understand all that! haha....So, even though I'm 70% at VA....I needed to be retired at 50% AF/ DoD? Well, I've been thinking about this a lot actually. I was re-reading everything and they wrote me up for right sided sacroiliitis-however, it is obvious...
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    TDRL to Perm 40%

    Thanks for the input weeda and jeep freak. Jeep, I'm at 15 yrs. Like you said, the best part of this is that I won't keep getting kicked. I just couldn't even do another 1 1/2 on TDRL (not even to be paid at the 50% rate over the 40% I will be getting). I needed this done! As a matter of...
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    TDRL to Perm 40%

    Hello all. So, after 3 years on TDRL, the Informal is suggesting Perm Retirement at 40%. Over the 3 yrs they dropped me from the original rating of 60%. I want to be very sure about a few things before I accept. I do know that I am "worse off" than 40%. Hate to say it like that, but its...
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    Results in...0% discharge w/severance! Think I Need legal help! Long post

    hey Adam, sorry to hear you got screwed. I'm waiting for my results too...I live in fear. Its like they guess and low ball everyone. You sound like you have it together. They want the facts, so you've got it right. Your records, EMG's and family/friend input saying you are stand up guy. maybe...
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    LOC from Commander - what can I do?

    You're right jeep freak-we have to laugh or we'd go crazy thru all this!!! And, what a riot about your son...sounds like he's sharp though! And honestly guys-I'm sure I've lost hair and turned more gray in this entire process! More wrinkles too. But, I think I'm really close to closure. I...
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    LOC from Commander - what can I do?

    haha, you make me laugh Jeep Freak..I hope you know I was only giving you a hard time! A treat here and there is ok and necessary for all of us! Its only been the past two years that I've seriously been "cooking" for myself again. I just grab little things and go..but, I'm a girl and I can...
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    LOC from Commander - what can I do?

    Don't forget the power of the swimming pool. Just walking in warm water. You do burn calories (not enough to eat desserts or Big Mac's (jk Jeep Freak)) and you have resistance so you're not completely turning into jello. And today..I'm SO excited....I just tried the something G...Anti Gravity...
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    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Spondylosis C5-C7 with DDD

    Also-there is difference between retention standards (once you are in-there are less restrictions) vs. initial entry& acceptance into any service. So like for me, getting a new hip wouldn't mean that I'm automatically going to get discharged from the A.F. -but there is no way I could have...
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    To all who read this......

    Happy Holidays! I wish you all peace and happiness. Special Thanks to all who serve on this forum.
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    I applied for Board 1554 - Navy responded with wrong board :(

    Hang in there! Keep on pushing...maybe you and your lawyer guy are right and the guy who got the letter on the other end doesn't have a clue...wouldn't be the first time! You are making progress! Keep it up!
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    Veterans Day 2011- Honoring the fallen

    Thank you for your service Jason, while in uniform and now. You are an amazing person. Happy Veterans Day to You and to all!
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    Getting off tdrl and back on active duty(army)

    Hey there kveres, Glad to hear you feel better! Good for you. I'm not a doc or anything..but there is this thing called situational depression...Is that what they dx you with? Anyone could understand that you would have a lot going on due to what you've experienced, andI'm very sorry to hear...
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    MEB Results: VA just doesn't matter

    Hi Tood, So sorry that you have to experience that kind of person with opinion and closed mind vs taking the facts and your history and making unbiased and professional diagnosis. You know whats going on for you! YOU know! Don't stop, don't back down, get your appeal and present the...
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