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    DFAS: PDRL Retired pay/ Years of Service Question

    appreciate the help on my thread guys. i still have more questions in regards to HIGH-3. I understand they take the average of the last 3 years of base pay for the most part. this seems to be way too much math for me to even think about. so what your saying if one hit 10 years on the dot and...
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    Terminal Leave if Med. Retired?

    vajumper is def correct in regards to direct influence. a good meb doctor writing the narrative will apply words like permanent in regards to the condition. this could likely sway whoever is reading the narsum to lean more towards pdrl and not tdrl. also words like prognosis bad/worse etc will...
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    Advice needed. frustrated and worried

    get better brother, hope the docs find out whats going on and treat you optimally. godspeed
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    DFAS: PDRL Retired pay/ Years of Service Question

    Really quick question guys as I can't find anything concrete on this. If one is PDRL and has 9 years 7 months on Active duty, does DFAS round up to 10 years for pay purposes, for the last year of the high 3? thanks. Also, how does one know what DFAS will calculate for their actual retirement...
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    L5-S1 Fusion & Degenerative Disc Disease

    i agree with rickman, the self- questionnaire is a great way to cross-communicate. i have found when dealing with 2 different military branches and the medical side of each, its best to talk with the air force pcm doctor and talk to an army pcm doctor and give each a phone number for both, so...
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    Seeking Experienced Advice

    honestly there's no real predicting what can happen, the MEB has so many possibilities and at any moment can take on an unexpected avenue of approach. that being said, we all cross our fingers and hope the MEB applies the LAW. the greatest case is leaving no room for interpretation. your...
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    Disability Paycheck Questions?

    Ok I'm no Math wiz but from reading and learning from this fantastic forum I think I can answer your question. First and foremost I'll try to keep this as simple as possible. Concurrent Receipt Eligibility To qualify for concurrent receipt you must: Be a Military Retiree with 20 or more...
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    question about time frame

    You are entitled to a second opinion if necessary. So if you need to see someone outside of the normal box, you can. I'm not quite sure about not being able to appeal the return to duty, I thought I read somewhere you can to a certain extent, again diff branch services might have dissimilar...
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    i think your doing the right thing by putting together a time-line for the docs to create a narrative summary. i think that is really overlooked in this process a lot of the times. And if you can prove you were injured at point A. then at point B. went back to the clinic which got worse in...
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    i know thats one way of an fit for duty meb evaluation to happen is through the request of ones commander, the other option is through a doctor. I can see the confusion with 2 services having different retention standards, so this is probably where the Army is like im not buying this crap. You...
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    Findings are back....

    orderrrrrrrssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "trying not to think about it"........... where art thou?
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    What has been the average for orders?

    I hear you brother it ain't pretty on the AF side either, waiting seems like a decade. Mford: Wow they only gave you a rough 2 month turn around to get out? did you request this particular date? I don't know how it is for the Green side, but in the Air force, you would need two separate leave...
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    What has been the average for orders?

    Thank you Sir for sharing your information. It does help me and I hope it helps others going through the wondering process, so we can plan ahead somewhat. How long have you been waiting for orders so far? PTDY is a great possibility for people that don't know, for house or job hunting, if...
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    help with percentage ratings

    first of all no one can tell you anything about what percentage your going to get. the only people that can do this is the IPEB. as your MEB has not started, you need to ensure all your medical conditions are covered with full clinical data in accordance w/ DoD Instruction 1332.38...
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    Opinions/need help

    Optimum Treatment Benefit: to briefly describe it, its when all means of medical treatments/procedures have been exhausted that could possibly help/fix you prior to an MEB. Being part of the great Tricare healthcare System, you are entitled to a second opinion when it comes to doctors, it could...
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