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  • Well I'm getting sent to the Madigan Army Hospital to get my blind spots in my eyes checked out and I plan to submit my letter requesting retirement. I wont be surprised if they retain me but we'll see.
    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the military will probably retain you because your job wont affect your disease. This is just a guess though.
    Hehe I don't think my work will get to hard for me... I'm a personellist and make ID cards all day long. I'm starting my TAPS class next week and by the end of next week my commander is supposed to be finishing up his portion and I'm supposed to submit my letter.
    Oh i know, i was joking with you. Anyways, you very well could be retained. It depends on your job, and if your job is incompatible with MS. What is your job? What are your normal daily work activities? The decision hasn't came back yet, but i got a short glimpse today of the paper work. They sent it, but it had to be sent back for clarification. I will tell you when the paper work comes back for sure.
    I was just joking about the twin thing, just that it appears that we entered service right around the same time and being boarded around the same time for the same issue. I talked with the base MEB counselor today and he told me he's never seen a MS case that didn't get retained in service. My first symptom started in April and led to my official diagnosis in July. But I suspect my first real symptom was in the early summer of last year.
    Sorry for responding late if i did. I doubt im your twin, but tell me your story, you should already know my whole story although i forget what i posted. I would be very curious as to what happened a couple months before you had your first attack, live vaccines and such. I will keep you updated on my board, however i should be getting a rating of 30%, medical retirement. I would be extremely suprised if i received any more. If i receive less i have the AFI's and DODi's to show them i should be retired.

    At a minimum you are entitled to 30%, and a medical retirement.

    The VA should give you a lot more, after a quick look over the VASRD and my conditions and symptoms i should get 60-80% from the VA.

    If you have any questions for me, i probaly have the answer your looking for, just ask. Please tell me your story though.

    btw my email is [email protected]
    Sam, are you my twin brother? I just read your post about having MS and being in the AF for 2 years and 7 months... I joined in January of 06 (about the same time frame you did) and I was just diagnosed with MS and my board is being written. Let me know what they decide for you.
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