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  • BOARD FINDINGS: In the matter of the PTSD, the panel recommends an initial TDRL rating of 50% for 6 months in retroactive compliance with VASRD §4.129 as DOD directed; and the panel majority recommends a 10% permanent rating IAW VASRD §4.130. The single voter for dissent recommends re-characterization to reflect permanent disability retirement and elected not to submit a minority opinion.***Can someone help***
    What do you need help with, the interpretation? This is what I gathered from this. They granted your PTSD IAW with the TDRL requirements of 50% then downgrade it to 10%. They are recommending PDRL so I’m assuming you had a 20% rating prior to your submission. So it appears the 10% plus your previous 20= 30% which is enough for PDRL but it sounds like they lowballed you pardon my French.
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