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  • Attorneys and I feel pretty good about how the Formal PEB this past Tuesday (1/29/29) went. Took about 1 1/2 hours with a 10 minute break in the middle. All 3 board members were changed shortly before we entered the room, but not a big deal because we had built a pretty solid case. It will take 1-2 wks for results to be sent to me. Can't thank NVLSP.org enough for connecting me with such amazing Pro Bono attorneys.
    How long did it take for your results from tdrl exam take to arrive? Also did it came in the mail? Then since you decided to appeal your case, about how long did that take? Also if my findings come back bad, would you recommend the appeal process. I bet it can be pretty stressful experience. I’m assuming you went to Washington navy yard and that’s where I would go too.
    Lawyers Serving Warriors™
    NVLSP routinely assists service members with their cases when faced with medical separation. We would be happy for you to apply for NVLSP’s FREE services. We are a non-profit and our services are always 100% free of charge. Contact us at 202-265-8305, ext 152; [email protected]; or www.nvlsp.org/what-we-do/lawyers-serving-warriors.
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