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    AF - New Evidence/Condition During IPEB

    No, don't lawyer up... Accept what you have earned and move on How long were you in?
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    Profile for BH meds?

    Send your provider an email stating that you want to make sure that you don't need a profile and leave it at that
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    Question in regards to Diagnoses Major Depression / Anxiety

    Hopefully you'll get your help that you need and be able to continue to serve
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    Unfit memo!!!

    I wish it would have worked out better for you
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    How many years have you been in? Are you not planning on getting a job when you separate?
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    My Final MEB on LAS

    Look man, I'm convinced that Ron and I are correct, but by all means, let me know if you find out otherwise, because I'll be in the same boat as you in August.
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    Question about PEB/MEB

    Sir, I applaud you.
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    You were planning on getting out anyway, right? Now you won't be held up by this ridiculous MEB process. Next month will be 2 years in the process for me.
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    “Lethality” Memo

    I for one commend your desire to stay in. I'm in the same situation that you are as far as being at the SecAF appeal level. I'm hoping, but not anticipating being found fit. As long as I make it 10 more months, I'll take whatever, as I'll be at 20 yrs
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    My Final MEB on LAS

    It's probably the same one but I believe it still works for crdp
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    My Final MEB on LAS

    Let me find the dfas power point when I get home
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    My Final MEB on LAS

    Yes and if you choose your disability retirement you are going to make the same amount of money before taxes, while paying much more in taxes. It all has to do with cdrp.
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    Pending Decision Approval after FPEB and contract ending soon

    If you want to get out, why didn't you accept the IPEB findings?
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    My Final MEB on LAS

    It's not though... Here's the simple math... If you end up with 50% VA disability and it's a thousand dollars a month (for simplicity), and you did 20 years (50%) and your high 3 is 2k (4k at 50%) a month (for simplicity), then your retirement pay with disability would be 3k a month after...
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