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  • Hey, hope you are doing great. Sorry to hear of your incident. Isn't it crazy how fast stuff can happen...Well, I know what its like to not want to socialize..I'm slow in that dept too. I just like dealing with myself...it takes me a while to get back to people and I ignore phone calls. Thanx for taking the time. You take care!!! Felicia
    DblTap1, hate to be nosey, but what in the world happened to you leg? i thought mine looked bad.
    You've got some great pics...Being that I'm AF and too lazy to look up your MOS-11B? 97E? what do you do? With the pic of your pup, I would guess Cop? Your dog would eat mine for a snack ( :
    If you don't mind...the medic in me wants to know what the injury/ trauma was caused from?
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