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    Army BCMR Denial

    Can I file a new claim to the BCMR? Or is it more appropriate to file an appeal with the courts? Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am hoping to get steered in the right direction. Sam
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    Army BCMR Denial

    Greetings, If my one year to appeal the decision has passed, what can I do? Is it appropriate to file another ABCMR? Thanks for your assistance. Regards, Sam
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    Jason, Thanks for looking over the documents. I'm going to attempt to appeal my denial with...

    Jason, Thanks for looking over the documents. I'm going to attempt to appeal my denial with the ABCMR. If that fails, then I might pursue the case thru the Courts. I'll keep you posted. I am waiting on my IRIS request to the VA for some clarification.
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    Getting ready to appeal my denial application from the ABCMR to have my PDRL upgraded. Still...

    Getting ready to appeal my denial application from the ABCMR to have my PDRL upgraded. Still can not believe that my application was denied
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    Question about ratings and IU

    My inclinination is that it will not suffice because you have not met the 40% for one condtion. However, if you can paint the picture that your condition makes it unfeasible to work, then I would apply. I'd apply anyways. If you were to file a NOD before one year has elapsed, the VA will...
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    2006 PED question

    This should help you out: The link is for the Physical Disablity Board of Review
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    Army BCMR Denial, WTF Over!

    ScoutCC and Jason Perry: Thanks for the input. I am going to do a Hailmary Reconsideration. It is too costly for me to hire an attorney given the cost benefit analysis. If my application is granted, I will be netting around 100 dollars a month. I am still in disbelief that my application...
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    Army BCMR Denial, WTF Over!

    These ratings were retroactive to my time of retirement/ separation.
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    Army BCMR Denial, WTF Over!

    Doesn't the reconsideration have to be new evidence or an argument was not considered by the Board? I am very much leaning towards filing for a reconsideration. I am still perplexed as to why this application was Denied. Thanks again for your input.
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    Army BCMR Denial, WTF Over!

    Greetings, I am at a loss for words after getting my Denial Letter from the ABCMR. I was Medically Retired from the Army in April 2013 with 2 Unfitting Conditions: 1. Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease with Radiculopathy and 2. Right Ankle Tendon Injury. My initial percentage for the...
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    Army BCMR

    Greetings, I applied to the ABCMR to have my PDRL percentage upgraded in June 2014. When would be a reasonable timeframe on when my case will be heard / completed? It has been 8 months now. My assumption is that it would take from 9-12 months. I will keep my fingers crossed for a...
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    PDBR Questions and VA

    Greetings. Did you request to have the PTSD added thru the PDBR? Also, do you have representation assisting you with this claim? Not advocating for one over the other but I would reach out to a VSO. I received great assistance from the WWP's VSO's. Take care and good luck to you.
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    Disappointed and Advice Needed, feeling crappy.

    Greetings. Not exactly sure what a Pre-Narsum is. Have you already listed your conditions on the VA Form? Have you had your C&P Exams? The key thing to do now is to start documenting all of your conditions now and try to get treatment for them as well. The Pre-Narsum doctor is not your...
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    TDRL lowered PDRL, considering FPEB need advice

    Not really sure about the process for TDRL but when I went thru the IDES process, I was afforded a One Time VA Reconsideration of my Unfitting Conditions. Jason or Mr. Parker can chime in on whether your TDRL being converted to PDRL affords you the opportunity for the VA Reconsideration. If...
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    PDBR retroactive payment to the time of separation?

    You have to be be collecting SSDI for 2 years before you are eligible for Medicare Parts A and B. So once you are eligible for SSDI and are a Retiree, you MUST enroll in Medicare Parts A and B to keep your Tricare benefits. The key answer to your question is: how far back did SSDI award your...
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