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    If anyone is interested.

    I wish I was as far into my MEB as you are. I too started Setember of 2012 but am still waiting for my VA ratings.
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    If anyone is interested.

    Here is the 38 CFR that I have been using in case anyone wants to challenge their ratings.
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    trying to understand what my rating would be

    The CFR states that MS will be rated at a MINNIMUM OF 30%. This might be due to the fact that several other issues can stem from having the disease. Here it is from the 38 CFR. 8018 Multiple...
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    Diagnosed with MS OCT2011. Need advise please.

    I too was diagnosed on July 31st 2012 after several blackouts and loss of feeling on my right side. I have several deloyments to Iraq and Afghanistan. I am now undergoing the MEB/PEB's. I was never reserve and from what everyone and I mean everyone is telling me, I am entitled to CRSC basically...
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