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    Help please, I'm stuck on the Severance tax issue

    The unfitting condition was not combat related. Yeah, I had to read that whole thing over and over again as it seems contradictory to me. The way I read it is that if you receive a VA rating for the disability that you were separated for, you can recoup your taxes; however, you cannot classify...
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    Help please, I'm stuck on the Severance tax issue

    So this is the situation. I was medically discharged from the Marine Corps last year after 12 years of service. The unfitting condition was rated at zero percent. I received a severance payment of 84k, of which, roughly 32k was taken out as taxes. I am wondering if I am entitled to amend my...
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    Need help cause not sure what to do.

    Yeah, thats a tough spot... remember you can have the unemployment etc to help out for the first six months till you can find a job if you are still able to work (dont know what your medical condition is). I mean, obviously long term with helther care etc. taking retirement would be better, so...
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    Got my call, finally... what a nightmare this whole process is and has been

    Got my call, finally... what a nightmare this whole process is and has been
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    Help! Stress Fracture in BCT!!!

    Agree with everything benefit wise Ed said on this. I would also add that the best thing you can do for your husband right now is be there to support him and try to keep him in the mindset that once he is healed, he is going to have to complete the service that HE signed up for. The last thing...
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    PEBLOs....... for IRIS, make sure you click the ask a question in the lower right. Keep in mind, It may take 2 weeks for them to respond to your initial question. But once you recieve a response, then any reply to that response will normally be answered within 24 hours.... Hope that...
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    I totally understand where your coming from. My case is at the same exact point as yours. As frustrating as the lack of proactiveness is, you gotta take into account caseload, manpower, and the fact that some of these peblo's probably get told the same thing we do when they call the boards "It's...
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    Baliw1974, Saying no on the NMA will most likely let the PEB know that you do not want to continue service. I dont think there are any illusions about the PEB process and how tough it is. I also put no on mine for the same reasons you have. Fact is, now is a time to be completely honest with...
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    Post AD claims... Info Appreciated

    Thanks for all the help and references all, much appreciated!!
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    Post AD claims... Info Appreciated

    I am currently and active duty member that is at the tail end of getting medically separated from the Marines. That being said, i have heard numerous people tell me that as long as a condition is mentioned in your military medical record, then its infinitely easier to service connect it for...
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    Timeline - Awaiting PEB (Competency Review Board for being Overweight)

    Wow, I've been a Marine or 12 years now, what it sounds like is they are trying to find any way to screw over your husband. The cannot admin sep him due to his weight, and i dont think they can admin sep him from a competency review board. What it sounds like to me they are trying to do is...
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    VA rating done timeline for findings?

    Im in 29 palms and can confirm that i recieved an MOL message on the 6th of June. That being said, i havent heard anything yet from the PEB. From what the PEBLO told me they have now had power for about a week now due to the storms etc. (that may or may not be true) I am waiting for the decision...
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    Marine Timeline

    Gents, Roughly same boat here. Tough to find Marine specific timelines on here. I'm out at 29 Palms and have been going through this process for a total of 8 months thus far. Mine also had the MOL status as of the 6th of last month. Just wanna get the hell out and start on the next chapter...
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    Upcoming MEB; (2)Pulmonary embolisms and DVT

    Im going through the same deal except i have not had a PE, just chronic dvt's in my lower extremeties. From what I know, yes a PE will rate a higher percentage unless they determine that its not service connected.... I think the reason for the 0% rating may have been because they did not...
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    Unfit home awaiting orders question?

    Look on Page 2-21 of MCO 1050.3j and that will reference more info on page 8-31 of MCO P1900.16f w/ch 1-2 (my microsoft word is being stupid otherwise i would have posted them here for you). Both state that you can be ordered home based upon final dispoition of disability proceedings. Now...
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