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    Leukemia within 1 yr of separation

    If your buddy was medically separated, there is a possibility of requesting a discharge upgrade with the DoD. There is no such thing as a "one year rule" as far as DoD is concerned. We would need to know more details to suggest a course of action to take.
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    PEB Ratings

    Here's the catch. Your MEB has already happened, you have been rated. You can request a FPEB and ask that the condition Sjogrens to be added as unfitting, as long as you are still within that window and have not accepted your ratings. Since the condition did occur while you are on active...
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    Tentative Diagnosis w/ Bipolar Disorder - What next?

    Continue treatment with the goal of healing.
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    I'm Lost about DOD ratings

    There would be no DoD rating from the Marine Corps. When you discharged back in 1999 you could have filed to have that upgraded to a medical retirement. Too much time has passed and it is highly unlikely to get that discharge upgraded. The National Guard should have submitted you for a MEB...
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    I'm Lost about DOD ratings

    Why did you not get a MEB from the NG?
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    I'm Lost about DOD ratings

    It looks as if you were given a medical discharge with no MEB, perhaps you may have been eligible for a MEB? With that type of discharge you would not have a DoD rating and you would not have received a Chapter 61 (medical) retirement. You may want to consider filing form DD Form 249 and...
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    I'm Lost about DOD ratings

    What does the separation letter read? Any way you can post it up redacted? This may help provide better guidance on the correct course of action. Here is a related post here on this forum. I have to run to an appt. real quick so I have not read through it. If it does not apply, disregard...
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    Date of VA Claim and Recent Changes to Scars. Which Date will they use?

    --The VA changed the codes and ratings for Scar conditions on August 13, 2018. All claims submitted on or after this date will be rated on the new changes. However, all claims submitted before that were still pending on this date will be rated on either the new or the old ratings, whichever give...
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    I'm Lost about DOD ratings

    You can find your DoD documents here: Portal - Login Use your DS login, from there you go to the badge "Reserve/Retiree/Veteran Record. This will bring up a page with a bunch of your data on it, in the left hand margin there is a tab that reads documents, click that and you should be able to...
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    I'm Lost about DOD ratings

    I think that that area of eBenefits in not accurate. I just checked it under my profile and it says 100% DoD for me and I am only 40%. I can also change the values with the up/down arrow. Looks like it is a way to make your own profile to check to see what benefits may be available to you...
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    I'm Lost about DOD ratings

    Where do you see your DoD rating on eBenefits?
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    Army Reserve "Uncharacterized" DD214 Separation and lack of benefits

    It is entirety possible that this SM did get an uncharacterized discharge (for an injury during BCT), then go back to BCT/AIT and graduate. There would be another DD214 for the second period of service that may have not been produced during the records check. You will need to discuss the issue...
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    Courts Martial after retirement

    They pretty much would only prosecute serious crimes of moral turpitude. We are all aware of the consequences of UCMJ, it is indoctrinated from day one.
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    Firing VA providers

    All official VA volunteers and employees complete a SF85, live scan and go though a national agency check. Others may complete a SF86 if they are in a position that requires a secret or higher security clearance. They also complete a OF-306. The SF85 is not a criminal background...
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