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    Accrue leave while on leave?

    You do. It will be calculated by finance on your final day out. Finance will create the transitional leave form. The AR is 600-8-10 If you would have used the search function of this site (it's in the upper right corner) you would have found several posts regarding the issue. Here is a link...
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    Should I worry about pre-existing conditions on appeals/new claims? MVA in highschool before joining

    When you joined the military you were given an entry physical at MEPS in which your were determined to meet the standards for enlistment. The rigors of basic combat training validates your fitness. Because of this your condition(s) would be considered to have occurred during, or were...
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    Panic Attacks w/ Agoraphobia Being Changed to PTSD w/ Major Depressive Disorder

    There is only one answer to you question. Your rating decision will be based on what box the provider checked on the DBQ in bpx 3, social and occupational impairment. There is a possibility that the provider used the DBQ for PTSD, on...
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    Question regarding discharge update to medical retirement

    Your VA service connection 20 years later cannot demonstrate your medical fitness at the time of separation. It only demonstrates that you have medical issues occurred during or were aggravated during entitlement to active duty pay. Like I mentioned before, it is not equal to to an unfitting...
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    Question regarding discharge update to medical retirement

    VA Service connection is not equal to an unfitting injury that may result in a medical severance or retirement. I'd recommend you give these guys a call. Veterans Legal Institute They have helped out many service members that I have referred.
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    Question regarding discharge update to medical retirement

    I have moved this post to its own thread in the correct forum it should be in. 1993 to 2019 may prove to be a challenge as there is a statute of limitations. Often this is waived in the interest of justice. It is important to note that the stature begins when the injustice is first noticed...
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    TFSC says, therefore the member is not eligible to receive a retirement DD 214

    This is correct. Unfortunately you will not have a DD 214 for this period of service. You should have a set of retirement orders placing you on the TDRL and a letter that transfers your from TDRL to the PDRL.
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    3m "Combat Earplugs" Lawsuit - - legitimate?

    Probably not an appropriate topic for this forum as it does not related to the MEB/PEB process. Topic closed.
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    PT FAIL or MEB

    In my opinion, the question is not whether you will do a modified PFT or MEB, but rather what you will be doing to improve your health. Go into the PCM office with that goal in mind. Tell them what you have done, what has worked, what has not and what recommendations can be made to be...
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    Average time for the board to process new evidence

    My MEB began in Nov of 2009 and was completed May of 2014. I was patient. If the condition of PTSD was not referred by your branch of service or on you VA claim, you may have to submit it immediately upon release of active duty. Would need more details regarding your claim to provide further...
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    PTSD due to MST

    I'm sorry to hear your story. I'll attempt to answer each of your questions as best as possible. 1. It is not uncommon for victims of MST to wait several years to see out treatment. There are many latent residuals from the trauma that do not manifest for years. 2. The VA will listen to your...
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    Max CRSC Retro

    This page highlights the details: There is not a monetary cap, however retro pay is typically limited to a maximum of 6 years for each disability.
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    CRSC Calculation Please

    I have moved your post to a new thread in the correct forum it belongs in. Tagging @RonG for assistance.
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    SSDI and 100% P&T Question

    SSA has access to VA records. List your PCM if you think they will do a good job. Your award letter should be submitted with the application along with your DA199 (assuming you are Army). If there is any one or two medical conditions that you think are severe enough to keep you from...
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    Trying to link my sleep apnea to PTSD
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