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    LOD Reserve AT Denied

    In my opinion Congress is a waste of time. You need new evidence to present. The only thing that can help you is either 1) The investigation was no conducted properly and the evidence submitted in 15-6 was in error or 2) The law has been incorrectly applied in your case. Based upon the...
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    CRSC 2nd Denial (PTSD CLAIM) Need guidance...

    Please do not take this as disrespect. The board clearly stated what evidence they need to approve your claim. In a nutshell the claim should be written in mind with a direct in-service qualifying attempt that results in the diagnosis of a SPECIFIC condition that was CAUSED by said event...
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    CRDP...National Guard w/ 21 years (7 yrs. active/14 National Guard)

    Unless you have a 20Y letter, non-regular retirement (reserve) will not be granted.
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    LOD Reserve AT Denied

    That is why you need the assistance of a competent attorney, or you will need to do some research. It is probably going to take some case law citations to overcome their assumption that you were reckless. Was your climbing onto the balcony any more dangerous that navigating a confidence...
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    You will not get even close to the 88 days. Once you sign the DA199 you hit TRANSPROC and the NLT 90 Day countdown begins. Your final day on DD214 will be 90 days from your TRANSPROC date and the remainder of your leave will be sold back.
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    Social Security sharing

    I work for VA and I can see SSA records through SSA-GSO, FOLQ, VBMS, Share, and by contacting a field office directly.
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    Social Security sharing

    Yes. It is best practice to point them in to correct direction.
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    LOD Reserve AT Denied

    Appendix B outlines the rules governing misconduct determinations. It does not appear that your circumstance, as described by you, meets such criteria set forth in the regulation.
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    LOD Reserve AT Denied

    Refer to AR 600-8-4 Chapter 2-6 a. I’m reaching out to a friend for further guidance.
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    LOD Reserve AT Denied

    Thank you for sharing, this must be a difficult time for you. Have you further consulted with an attorney? Do you have a copy of the formal investigation conducted IAW AR 600-8-4?
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    Incorrect rating MEB Results are back

    It’s not a matter of weight. The raters are instructed to grant as much of a rating as evidence shows. DBQs are important and they are one of many potential forms of evidence in the service treatment records. Ultimately as I stated earlier the rater can only make a decision based upon the...
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    Incorrect rating MEB Results are back

    VARR can only be used for unfitting condition. The raters can only make a decision based upon the evidence presented to them. Is the log in your STRs? Have you uploaded them to eBenefits? You cannot assume the rater has seen the evidence. Although all evidence is to be considered by...
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    To be service connected condition must have occurred or aggravated beyond normal progression while you were entitled to active duty pay. Beyond normal progression is operative word.
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    “Triple dipping”

    There is no reason why you should not collect every single entitlement available to you. Lawmakers only care about getting elected/reelected and will support changes that they believe will accomplish this task. No one individuals C&P and entitlements will ever break the bank.
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