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    Chronic kidney disease and ratings

    I have been recently diagnosed with membranous nephropathy stage 1 CKD due to dumping a ton of protein in my urine. I started immune suppression treatment which set off an MEB during the treatment it has lowered the amount of protein I’m wasting as well as eliminated other symptoms like my...
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    Does a character reference in addition to CC letter help?

    So I received the CC recommendation letter today and completed it, I am in a very large unit where the CC has no idea who I am since there are many directorates. My leadership is completely supporting me staying in but I also asked for my supervisor to do a character reference in addition to the...
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    Chronic Kidney Disease Rating

    Sorry to semi hijack your post but when did your MEB begin in relation to your diagnosis? I was recently diagnosed with Membranous Nephropathy in June and started the same treatment plan as you but I fear that a MEB is looming. I have almost 13 years in AD Air force.
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