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    Marine Corps Timeline: OCT 20, 2008- Spiral Fracture of Tibia, Shattered fibula occurring during MCMAP. Surgery w/ Hardware March 2009- Off crutches begin physical therapy Oct 2009- Physical therapy done "as good as I'm going to get" Nov 2009- LIMDU appt in Yuma AZ Jan 2010- Attempt by...
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    Combat Related for Simulation of War?

    I just got my results in today. I am in the Marine Corps and got injured doing MCMAP, having never been deployed. My results stated: a. the disability was a direct result of a combat related injury as defined by Title 26 U.S. Code section 104(b)(3). b. the board finds further that...
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    Starting PEB Process....Questions

    Hey everyone...I just found this site and I have a few questions regarding this whole PEB process I just started. First off I'm in the Marine Corps stuck at Army base Ft Huachuca. I was injured in Oct 2008 during MCMAP training, w/ a spiral fracture of the tibia and a partially shattered...
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