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    PebLawyer still accepting cases?

    Thanks for reaching out to me. Not sure why there has been a disconnect. That said, this site is separate from my legal practice and is not the right place to reach me or to discuss representation. I have sent you a Private Message. No matter if we end up working together, I hope you get a...
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    I responded. [PART 1] I like to help folks, especially if it is a clear cut issue or easily...

    I responded. [PART 1] I like to help folks, especially if it is a clear cut issue or easily explained. I do think it is fair to say that I have not posted as much in the past over the past six or eight months. Still, I am not happy with the fact that I have not been posting as much as I have...
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    Change to the Change

    If you make twenty years of service, your retirement income will be based on the minimum of 2.5% times years of service times retired base pay (which is the average of your high 36 months of basic pay). Additionally, you will likely qualify for dual receipt under CRDP if you make 20 years of...
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    Involuntary Medical Seperation

    I am not a doctor and I can't provide medical advice. However, you might resolve the issue by complying now (i.e., start using the prescribed CPAP). You might also need to have some adjustments to the device. Maybe it is a different mask/device. Maybe it is titration of the device (i.e...
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    Involuntary Medical Seperation

    Look at this from AR 635-40: "5-18- Failure to comply with prescribed treatment a. There are many conditions, such as neuropsychiatric disorders, asthma, hypertension, epilepsy, diabetes, and certain injuries, which may be improved sufficiently by treatment to prevent disability or to...
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    Change to the Change

    Sounds like your MEB is not near completion. Given the new diagnosis, I would think your NARSUM and Commander's Impact Statement (AF Form 1185) would have to be substantially revised. I just point out that if you do get an approved retirement (which I think would actually require the...
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    MEB at 18.8 years active Army, COAD?

    I have very rarely seen a COAD approval. Years ago (around 2006- 2008 maybe) I used to see it rarely approved. I can't say that it is not every approved now, but, I can't say either that it is something I have come across at all in the past few years. That doesn't mean that it never happens...
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    The Navy did a pivot and published a SECNAV Manual. I will post a copy/link shortly.

    The Navy did a pivot and published a SECNAV Manual. I will post a copy/link shortly.
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    Formal Board Question

    What branch of service?
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    Has coronavirus affected the BCNR process?

    I don't know specifically as to BCNR cases, but I am going to post about the impact on Formal PEB cases shortly. I think the same principles will apply to all adjudications.
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    C'mon....Timmy was obviously a foundation (and he didn't leave, he's now an Assistant and sometime Head Coach)! But, Timmy was not the whole of the Spurs. The team is always upfront. (All that said, I miss seeing Timmy, Manu, and Tony doing their thing. Still, LA, DeRozan, DeJounte, Forbes...
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    PEB timeline and site changes (update?)

    The shift to consolidating cases to one "unified" Army PEB site has been ongoing for more than 18 months (just an estimation). I think that there was significant from staff (from all quarters, DA civilians, contractors, and from both the staff as well as the legal support activities). However...
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    Presumed Fit

    PFIT would only apply is you have an approved retirement or if you would mandatorily have to separate because of HYT within the period prior to the initiation of your MEB. Can you provide more details?
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    Thank you, RonG!!

    Please join me in thanking RonG for his service as a moderator here at the PEB Forum!! Ron has requested to step back from serving as a moderator. He has been a great help to many folks here on the forum, but he has decided to step back from his service as a moderator. He had been considering...
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    USAR Officer Non-Duty MEB - How do I convince that medical condition is service connected?

    I got some smoke in my pocket for this issue with Reserve Component members getting hosed on their condition not being even evaluated for a line of duty consideration. This is a huge issue across all branches.
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