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    Can the med board process or VA change your referred mental health condition?

    The real issue is who is the "they" you are asking about. If the MEB documents one or more conditions and states that these conditions fail retention standards, the VA cannot change the DoD determination. Would need a lot more information to figure out what your concerns are. If you disagree...
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    BCMR/BCNR Reading Room is down

    It is a requirement that there is a "reading room" for BCMR/BCNR decisions. Via statute, the boards shall report the following: "(i) Each board established under this section shall make available to the public each calendar quarter, on an Internet website of the military department concerned...
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    If you get PDRL, is it actually permanent? Are your ratings protected?

    Yes, on the DoD-side, a permanent finding is permanent. (There may be very limited instances where a finding that was made as a result of fraud could potentially change this....but, this is not something that anyone who did not commit a fraud against the government should worry about). Also...
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    Need Help - CRSC Award Letter....

    There are verifiable really bad command climates- units where the "leaders" don't lead, but instead, just manage without reference to their sacred obligation to lead, take care of the troops that they are entrusted with and aren't worth a damn. I have served in a few great organizations with...
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    Memorial Day 2019 Message

    I ask you all to join me in reflecting on and remembering the sacrifices of those who gave all in defense of our Nation. Next week is the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy. So many sacrificed so much and I am grateful for those who stepped up and defended our...
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    Could I get in trouble, sued or legal?

    There are many potential legal issues that you raise in your question. Remember, nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice. We do provide a forum where folks can offer their input. Here are my thoughts and input. They are limited by only knowing what you have stated and the fact...
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    Can you MEB if you have a mandatory retirement date set?

    No, it is "never too late." BUT (you knew that was coming).... You may end up in a situation where the presumption of fitness rule applies to your case. That would make any unfitness findings more difficult to occur. Best of luck!
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    Happy Anniversary and Birthday to the PEBFORUM!!!

    I wanted to take a moment to note the anniversary and "birthday" of the PEB Forum!!! I am so happy and proud that we have been here for 12 years and have (as of this post) more than 83,000 members. Because we don't require registration to view the forums, you know that we have helped way more...
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    Welcome to oddpedestrian as a new Moderator!

    I am pleased to welcome @oddpedestrian as a new moderator!! He has volunteered to help moderate the PEBFORUM and I hope you welcome his addition to the team! Oddpedestrian has been a long time member and he has offered a lot of good input to members posts. I appreciate his offer to serve as a...
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    Oral Argument Wolfe v. Wilkie 2019-05-15

    Oral argument in Wolfe v. Wilkie.
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    Oral Argument Wolfe v. Wilkie

    Jason Perry submitted a new resource: Oral Argument Wolfe v. Wilkie - VA Court oral argument Read more about this resource...
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    VA Question

    Dave413, You should not take any of this as definitive or even as advice. These are just my thoughts. The IDES is a "strange animal" as to the intersection of DoD and VA decisions. Technically, the DoD is bound to apply whatever ratings the VA determines as to your unfitting conditions (that...
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    Recent upgrade to forum software (2 MAY 2019)

    Hello PEBFORUM members! This is just a quick note to advise that I just upgraded the forum software to the newest version available. The upgrade is mainly about bug fixes and I don't expect there should be any change to functionality or use of the site. However, if you encounter any problems...
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    Received my CRSC Approval letter today.

    Just wanted to add to RonG's excellent post a little bit about the reasons for anyone electing the "lesser" payable amount (CRDP vice CRSC or vice versa). There are relatively rare instances where folks have legal judgments or court orders against them that require payment of certain monies...
  15. Jason Perry

    Military Pension Division: The “Evil Twins” – CRDP and CRSC 2019-05-02

    This article discusses the issues with electing CRSC vice CRDP. The normal course of action for folks who are entitled to both benefits would be to select CRSC because it is tax free. However, the article discusses some scenarios where CRDP may be advantageous. Note that this article is more...
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