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    Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the Elbow (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome)

    Found it for you. Just because I had and bad time with the VA don't think you will also. A lot of time has past and hopefully things have gotten better. The ulnar nerve 8516 Paralysis of: Complete; the “griffin claw” deformity, due to flexor contraction of ring and little fingers, atrophy very...
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    Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the Elbow (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome)

    Did you check the schedule of ratings for this? I had that surgery and then they had to do it a second time on the same arm. I still have a lot of problems but that is another story. I have heard of plenty of people having the surgery and everything going well. I was MEB'd in 2011 and my scar is...
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    Results are in and we are shocked!!! Help Please!

    I just want to point out that he has 25 years of Active Duty. Using my situation, I should have never done the CRSC knowing that I was going to get 100% from the VA. I lost money doing that, thousands of dollars. He can apply and be approved but do the math before making the selection and be...
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    Va and ssdi?

    I started receiving SSDI while on AD as well. I am now receiving my AD retirement (Dec 2011), VA disability, and SSDI. I think you were informed incorrectly by a know it all.
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    Here's My Story...Any Advice?

    I'm thinking you mean only the sleep apnea. Last that I have heard, the service member could remain on AD. I don't know if this had changed or not. They will review your medical record for anything else which was how they got me.
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    Here's My Story...Any Advice?

    I'm surprised that the sleep apnea didn't trigger an MEB. My MEB started with the sleep apnea and then they discovered everything else that I had been hiding. I had a fracture back, osteoporosis, PTSD, and many other things. My doctor was also helping me to avoid going through the MEB. Somehow I...
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    Question about back ratings

    My MEB was back in 2011. I was doing a halfway job of hiding everything but I was hit with sleep apnea. I use to joke how I talked my way out of three MEB's. They assured me they would only look at the sleep apnea but they looked at everything as I suspected. I did get 80% from the AF and did...
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    Help Getting back in

    My brother was tagged at the Mepps center when he was trying to join. It was a long and hard fight for him to overcome but his wasn't depression. I left the military after nine years AD and it took me 10 years to get back in. It was extremely difficult and recruiters may not understand or want...
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    Don't know what to do next. I will see legal tomorrow but any help is appreciated.

    I was an E7/NCOIC of Surgery in the AF and treated just as bad as all the rest. Fortunately I had my 2 yrs AD in. They were leaning on me to retire and I had no intentions of doing that, but it was obvious that I was not going to get to stay in. YOU NEED TO GET TO THE 20YRS MARK, I already...
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    Similar Sleep Apnea question

    I don't want to scare you or anything. That was how I was MEB'd. I fractured my back and was un-deployable for something like a year. I also had many other issues as well. I managed to talk my way out of three MEBs in my career, right or wrong. I accidentally gave in to them for a sleep apnea...
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    Helping family member

    My story is similar. 20 yrs ADAF plus 10 yrs Res & NG. I was medically retired 29 Dec 2011 at 80% AF. Eventually the VA came through at 90% with many errors. I finally got it up to 100% with many errors Dec of 2013. I was told it would take two years to get back paid and I started my wait. Aug...
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    I'm on PDRL, How do I get off and, potentially, re-enlist?

    Realizing this thread is three years old I do have some experience on this. I was not MEB'd, I left after the end of my enlistment. I should have been MEB'd but they took the easy way out. I kept trying for 10 years before I finally got back on AD. In the 10 years I jumped at anything to get...
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    I do use TriCare plus the base. To be honest with you, I only go to the VA when they send me the letter because I thought I had to. I am going to check on this next week and I don't plan on going back. I feel like the VA has robbed me. One example, they finally changed their mistake from the...
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    Sorry but I had to say something. I'm not attacking you because I too believe this is happening. I believe the person that was being MEB'd with me was faking because he was doing a lot that he should not have been and was avoiding appointments at times. When it comes down to it, it is what it...
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    Department of Veterans Affairs employees destroyed veterans’ medical records to cancel backlogged

    They played the tape. Cancel all claims over one year old. It still leaves a lot of questions though
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