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    Re-examination Question

    Dont take the 10 percent .
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    They wont extend it . Same thing happened to me . They scheduled my final appointment on the 26th and my id expired on the 27th. You have to wait 4-6 weeks for the results they told me. Then agree to the results . Then mail it back and wait for system to update, then you can get a new ID.
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    Still on TDRL waiting for the VA Letter

    Now I am no lawyer but from what I have read they cannot lower your rating . They have done it in the past to military members possibly not know that they cant get by with it. IF they lower mine I will challenge it . VA hasnt changed in 5 years no reason to give to say it has changed with the...
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    SSDI AJL Hearing, Denied

    Did you get an attorney or did you fill out all the paperwork yourself ?
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    TDRL to PDLR question

    If the Military lowered your rating and the VA hasnt the military is in the wrong .
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    Still on TDRL waiting for the VA Letter

    The only thing the VA does in regards to TDRL and PDRL is give you the rating you will get for TDRL or PDRL . If the military branch lowers your rating and the VA hasnt the Military is in the WRONG. Once agian the MILITARY doesnt provide and is not allowed to provide the RATING. All TDRL cases...
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    Tricare Benefits if 100% TDRL rating is reduced to lower PDRL rating

    All TDRL cases will receive a permanent rating based only on the VASRD criteria that is in effect at the end of the TDRL period.
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    Question about retirement pay

    Yes I know that thank you . I was put on TDRL 4 years ago . Awaiting PDRL . If i get PDRL i just dont wanna deal with the VA anymore . even. in regards to pay
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    Question about retirement pay

    Im not wanting to give up my rights . Im wanting to not use the VA and go with my military retirement instead since it was waived .
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    CRSC at ten months processing time Army

    Back pay isnt from the time you submitted it for csrc it goes back to your retirement date . and if you did under 20 years . you whole military retirement pay is waived . so you get 100 percent crsc .
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    Navy Reserve MEB / PEB board

    Contact the peblo at your nearest Naval hospital .
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    Question about retirement pay

    Is it possible to unwaiver your military retirement pay for VA pay ? I want to switch back to military retirement pay instead of VA Pay ?
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    Just got my permanent retirement after being on TDRL confused???

    For re evaluations the VA rating isnt affected . and the military rating can change .
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    important TDRL Question

    I also saw he got 30 percent but isnt the min. for separating for a mental illness 50 percent . someone needs to get fired
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