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    MEB intiated for Ulcerative Colitis, What are my chances of staying in?

    First, review the current USAF Aeromedical Waiver Guide at pages 918-919: second, be advised that if you are not in remission as established by endoscope vice clinical observation, there is a very high...
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    Calling Any PEB Convening Experts......Help

    In Navy IDES cases, your attorney should obtain and review with you the JDETS working card in the TRIM file- the actual PEB case file- to obtain the quick and dirty analysis as to how the two IPEB members made their findings. A review of the TRIM file will also disclose whether the IPEB members...
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    Marine TDRL Re-Eval Question

    While on the TDRL, you will be scheduled for a review exam that can be conducted at a major MTF or may be initially performed based upon records that you provide. No one is going to stop either your TDRL pay or VA disability compensation pay because you are not regularly providing the VA or the...
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    Case assigned to analyst BCMR????

    The various Boards of Correction assign cases to analysts- typically GS-9 to GS-12 (law students, management internship awardees, career DOD personnel) who draft a brief for the Board members. This brief is typically adopted by the Board as its decision, albeit with some edits. This is because...
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    Navy IDES Timeline - NMCSD

    Note -the previous answer above re the DTAP info from NMCP is correct- cases are only referred to the VA Rating activity if one or more conditions were found to be Unfitting. Otherwise, the case is returned with a Fit finding that you must appeal if you wish to be found Unfit. As for timelines...
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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Unfortunately, those assigned to joint bases or with joint commands in which your primary PEBLO is from another branch often experience minor communications glitches or delays in receiving findings. However, the real issue at the Navy PEB level is that a number of permanent board members have...
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    Anyone familiar with MedBOLTT, Navy's online tracking system?

    LIMDU SMART replaced it some time ago and I believe that it is only accessible to designated stakeholders - Navy Medicine Providers, Medical Boards Office personnel, Deployability Coordinators, Service Headquarters representatives, and the Navy Medicine Regions.
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    Fibromyalgia MEB

    Your PCM is incorrect, FMS is a boardable condition for which you can be found fit, medically separated or medically retired. In order to receive the maximum 40%ratign for FMS alone under VA Code 5025, you have to demonstrate that your symptoms have been constant or nearly so and refractory to...
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    If I am 100% P&T (mental health), can I start working and not have the rating reduced/re-examined?

    If the DVA has made a decision that you are 100% disabled and that rating is permanent and total, they have made a conscious decision that you will not be scheduled for future examinations. I respectfully disagree with the CUE analysis provided above as there would have to be evidence of such...
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    Panic Disorder

    There must have been a miscommunication between you and your MEB counsel, as a VARR is only intended for the condition for which you have been found Unfit. If you wish to file a VARR for conditions for which you have been found Fit, then you need to go to a formal hearing to have those...
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    My Navy Timeline for Fibro

    Dani, the answer is straightforward- several board members are retiring within the next 60 days and are going on terminal leave. Thus, they are a little short-staffed. It is not a portent of negative news per se. They are simply running a little behind right now.
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    C&P Exams

    TXWI is spot-on accurate. For those who may not realize it, the disability rating percentage assigned by the VA -D-RAS for nay service-disqualifying (as well as service-connected) conditions comes virtually exclusively format the findings of the VA C&P exam reports. You not only need to be...
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    Usmc PEB timeline question

    The good news- if you had been found Fit, the case would not have been forwarded to the VA D-RAS. So, at least one condition must have been deemed service-disqualifying.
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    TDRL Expiration

    Simple answer- Here is Tonjua Howard's contact info- the TDRL Coordinator at the PEB: (202) 685- 6431, Fax: 685-6429, E-mail: [email protected] Tonjua can tell you whether a decision was made in absentia to put you on the PDRL or whether you were dropped from the rolls for failure to...
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