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    Hey, what's up everyone I just wanted to post an update on my Med board status on 8/11/2017 I was found fit for duty to continue active duty in the Marines. If you have any questions as to how I did it, and you wish to continue service hit me up.
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    Type 1 Diabetes - Returned To Duty?

    I've been on the med board for type 1 since October of 2016, which mine took longer due to fact I'm an AD Marine on an SDA assignment, which was processed through and Army base that had to mediate back and forth . I was found fit for duty yesterday, after 9 1/2 yrs of service. When the board...
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    Type 1 diabetic as of Oct 16

    Yes every base does it different , which I would say it all depends on the Dr who does your physical, and how she writes you evaluation report that's gets submitted to the DOD/VA
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    MEB for type II.....

    I'm was diagnosed as type II in 2013, but after multiple ER visits due to my pancreas loosing its function to produce insulin. I just started my PEB board today, which I am a Marine processing through the Army process. We will see how everything goes, especially since my CO recommended me to...
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