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    Army Timeline CRSC

    Just got all My stuff, pretty much same time line, did you get retro and also back pay for the months missed?
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    A disturbing trend I have seen recently

    I concur, I think exhausting all channels of appeal and whatnot should be used, at the end of the day the Army culture is one of suck it up, drive on, and complaining to a guy right or wrong that is still sucking it up is not going to be found in your favor unless your MOH recipient and your...
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    plantar fasciitis

    How much was your body fat % to get in? What you have wrong with can be fixed, I had it for year in and still did my job based off of what you described, and I’m sure most here have, my advice is change your diet, rehab your foot, swim after work and burn calories, if you want to stay in which...
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    pay confusion

    I took the redux and was medically retired at 19.3, from what I was told as well as what Ron told you, the redux will not effect you like it would a strait up retirement, and yes it is all pretty confusing, I recommend you reach out to any politician and get them to support HR333 so Ron can stop...
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    FYI DFAS system update tonight, do anything processed this week may show up tomorrow or by Monday. Also next time you call DFAS retirement knowing your getting pushed to tier 2 just ask the rep to setup the call back option instead of waiting 2 hours, your welcome:)
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    ALCON So I did my weekly ASK DFAS about the status of the processing of my initial CRSC increased (not retro audit) because I was told like 3 times they had 30 days to process. The response I got back was pretty lame, told me that they received it 6FEB and processed retro on the 5FEB, they in a...
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    Retro Pay timeline.

    If you are having issues with DFAS reach out to a congress person, they have minions who can poke around
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    Not yet, I call once a week or use ASKDFAS to keep them honest. I just went through the process for a 30% increase last September, it was weird because I got the fist payment within days, but they did the retro calculation at 0% so after it was corrected December 14th, the back pay went through...
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    My CRSC Timeline.

    So I have 80% CRSC approved effective 13JAN and it was turned in 6FEB, as of now I’m looking at 63 months of retro, 2700 was my high 3, based off that calculation did you high amount exceed mine? Just wondering if it will take 4 months like yours
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    Not yet still waiting, I do not even have the updated monthly amount, I call and use ASK once a week, but I get the same response, “they received the CRSC update on the the 6th of Feb and they have 30 days” is the standard response which translates to they have no clue but leave them alone they...
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    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read.

    This has always been my issues, some how while trying to release from Infantry my P3 profile flagged me, and I started IDES back in 2011, then medically retired at 80% with 19.3 years. At the time I had no clue that in order to collect any retirement I had to pass 20, the. I discovered CRSC...
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    Max CRSC Retro

    Hey all just wondering what is the max amount anybody is aware of for CRSC Retro payment? I am looking at 6 years total back pay at 80% AC, I have done some rough math and I feel like I might have hit the lottery but still feel it may be to good to be true and somehow I will get the shaft.
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    CRSC Retro Pay

    I was approved back in August, got paid September 1st, waited patiently for the retro pay for about a month and half, called 10 times total, each time different answers, needless to say I know the flow front to back, had people tell me I didn't even qualify for CRSC lol, got hung up on by the VA...
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    Did you ever get back pay for this? I am just wondering because we have a similar outcome and I am still having a hard time accepting I may get 6 years of 80% back pay.
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    Army Timeline CRSC

    Honestly I have no clue, I was medically retired 6 years ago and submitted CRSC then (19.3 Active), the only rating I ever got back was approval for 0% IBS lol, then two years ago I requested and increase to the IBS claim, the VA after 18 months, an appeal, then another appeal finally assigned...
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