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    Menieres Disease C&P Exam Help!

    Do the private DBQ and submit any progress notes, diagnosis, etc from your private MD. They will read it all.
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    VA disability pay starting after DOD retirement pay?

    Thanks! your insight is always appreciated!!
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    VA disability pay starting after DOD retirement pay?

    I should have added that I'm 10 years/medically retired, so no CRDP. It could never be that simple!! I have the letter of award dated 12/24/2019. I guess I was just wondering if this will get fixed by the VA without my input, or if I need to start jumping through hoops and getting my poop in a...
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    VA disability pay starting after DOD retirement pay?

    I was retired to the TDRL on June 1, 2019, and I was just informed by the VA that I am 100% P&T and it is effective back to June 1st. How does this work? Will they go back and recoup my DOD pay and replace it with VA pay? I wondering because if VA disability is not taxed, how will I be able to...
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    Menieres Disease Question

    I haven't seen the DBQ. My paperwork says: We have assigned 100 percent evaluation for your Meniere's disease based on: Hearing impairment and attacks of vertigo and cerebellar gait occurring more than once weekly, with or without tinnitus.
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    Menieres Disease Question

    I just described it and mentioned my regular MD and ear MD both had a name for it. He said cerebellar and I agreed. I would have said it if he didn't. I didn't want to seem too eager or pushy about meeting all of the criteria.
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    Menieres Disease Question

    I just received my ratings yesterday, and I'm 100% P&T for meniere's. I had to search all over to find the P&T, but I got it. Pretty much same as Fread, dyazide daily and meclizine as needed. Make sure they document the cerebellar gait. Describe your episodes in dramatic detail to make sure they...
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    Confused about steps to take after medical retirement.

    I'm recently retired and rethinking the SBP vs life insurance argument. Here are a couple of links that offer guidance: Office of the Actuary > Home (go to menu at the top-->sbp-->sbp financial analysis tools and...
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    GI bill question

    You will still be able to transfer your benefits to your wife. I transferred to my kids, was medboarded, and my son is using it right now. They will have you note that you were medically retired and you'll be fine. Good luck!
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    Menieres disease

    Yesterday I did my C&P with an audiologist for my hearing, tinnitus and Menieres. It was with a VES contractor and she was so disorganized. She told me she doesn't do vertigo testing in her office anymore, so she just did the hearing tests. Didn't ask me any questions regarding the menieres as...
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    First VA MH eval this week, what should I expect?

    I had my appointment on Thursday. She was thorough!! She wanted to start at the beginning, that being my life from HS on, time in service, college, married life, kids, work environment, everything. Pages of notes. I was very impressed with the MD and the VES facilities. To be honest, I'm not...
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    First VA MH eval this week, what should I expect?

    I'm having m first VA eval for MH and I'm curious about how they do it. I'm going to see a private MD through VES and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with an outside contractor. She has had all of the coursework and has a few years of experience under her belt, but is there a...
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    Needing knee replacement surgery

    I was 49 when I had my first knee replacement. If you are unable to do the things you want to do, you need to push harder to have it replaced. In other words, if the knee is holding you back, or keeping you from living a full life, then its time to replace it. I wanted to wait to have mine done...
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    USPHS Medical Evaluation for Fitness for Dity

    I saw your post while looking through the forum. I just went through the PHS process and I am available if you have any questions. I posted under USPHS in the service specific forum if you want to see my experience. My post is titled Bilat total knee replacement. Good luck!!
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    100% VA rating and free college

    It's usually a state program. Google "veteran benefits (your state)" and check the state website. I live in Indiana and it's free if greater than 80%, less than 80, it's 20% plus your disability rating. There are usually some requirements like live in the state when called to duty, etc. There...
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