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  • Servicemember- I typed two sentences to put in my MEB package I simply stated that while I wish to continue serving my coutry and fulfill the remainder of my contract with this condition I did not think it was possible and wished to be medically retired or seperated. I currently take lamictal and seroquel both low dosages though only 50 mg of lamictal and 25mg of the seroquel (guess i'm not that crazy! lol) My therapist said the normal dose for bp and seroquel is 300 mg so I am obviously way under. I was taking 100 mg but it made me feel like a zombie so I got it reduced. I do have facebook my email is [email protected] if you want to look me up. Sorry for the delay I haven't been on much and didn't know I had "visitor messages" take care
    hey figured we could vent to each other...not bipolar (runs in my family though!) but diganosed with PTSD and pretty much known as the same thing you are at the office!
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