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  • Sorry to hear about your foot. Are you going through an IPEB now? I expect I will be medically retired very soon and was told I will hear something back next week about my board. How did you mess your foot up? What are you looking for?
    I called down to the IPEB, to the number that was in the DES handbook. I got lucky. It took a three minute phone call to them to find out that my package has been with the review board for two weeks and that they have a couple more questions amongst the group before they do the final adjudication so they said I should hear something by next week. My PEBLO was pissed when I told her I called, but I've been in contact with her every week and she couldnt even send an email. I talked to my supervisor and chief about it and they said they wouldve done the same. So wish me luck:) I'll post when I find out the results. I dont even really care at this point, I'm exhausted with this process and I just wanna be done.
    hang in there kid. as soon as i get a good POC on all this stuff i will post it.
    good luck!
    rob santucci
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