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    VA Ratings

    I can only speak about my timeline but it took exactly 90 days from unfit memo to proposed ratings (20 March 2019- 20 June 2019).
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    IPEB Results

    So, after starting this process in Nov 2018, I got my proposed ratings yesterday. DoD: Permanent 60% VA: 100% Not Combat-related Didn't make it to a full retirement, when all is said and done I'll have 16 AFS and 20 for pay (had some reserve time early on in my career). Meeting with Legal...
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    Today is day 90 since unfit my notice. Found out yesterday that the 1099s are complete. Will meet with the PEBLO tomorrow am to discuss VA ratings.
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    My status as of 15 May from the VA, no word from the PEB/ PEBLO yet (the PEB has had my packet from the VA for almost a month). BTW since I am still active duty the VA did not send the decision to me. From what I understand, the PEB reviews the VA rating decision then forwards the 1099's to...
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    VA Back log

    Yes you can clear CIF early/ without orders. 1. Be pending separation/ found unfit from PEB 2. Assumption of Command Orders (from your CDR) 3. Memo from CDR. Memo states early CIF is authorized due to IDES Transition etc. Call CIF after you have the documents and schedule an appointment...
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    VA Back log

    I'm at 28 days today waiting on VA ratings, I'm hoping for 45 days or less- we'll see. In the meantime, I'm clearing CIF next week. For you non Army peeps, CIF if where we get all our great and wonderful gear. No more moving all of that stuff across the country (there are better words to use but...
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    Aaaand we wait...

    I'm still on standby, waiting on ratings from the VA. I think I'm 25 days into this portion and according to IDES dashboard Army averages 45-50 days.
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    Maya Post .....10% DOD 90% VA Disability Severance ?

    Still awaiting VA ratings. The above information is correct for those being rated less than 30%.
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    Maya Post .....10% DOD 90% VA Disability Severance ?

    @Maya Calculation of Involuntary Separation Pay per DFAS website: Calculation and Payment Disability severance pay is a one-time lump sum payment. The amount equals 2 months of basic pay for each year of service which includes active service and inactive duty points, but the total service...
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    Severance Pay Clarification

    Hi- (Q): My next question being what base pay is used? The base pay at the time I went on TDRL 2017, or the year I discharged, 2019? (A): Pay is based off your separation from active duty/ TDRL date- the day you entered into retirement. Time spent in retirement doesn't count toward your...
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    2nd AWCP (tape test) failure while going through MEB

    1. Your P3 Profile which initiated the MEB is the resulting documentation from the FFD exam. In other words, your FFD exam found issues with you which caused the P3 profile/ initiated the IDES process. Print off a copy of your profile to show your 1SG. He/she doesn't need to see the exam results...
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    VA Back log

    What is everyone doing during this time? Is it work as usual minus what your profile prohibits or are people participating in any of the transition training/ classes/ certifications/ internships?
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    VA Back log

    I'm at 15 days (since 20 Mar) waiting for the VA ratings. I guess I better get comfortable and enjoy the Spring NC weather...
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    NARSUM not accurate?

    I definitely feel your frustration. Although my NARSUM was on point, one of my VA/ QTC exams was riddled with incorrect information or missing pertinent information. For your situation, yes the IMR may be the correct recourse which I think is good because you'll get a fairly quick response to...
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    Unfit for Duty

    When you received the unfit notice/ memo did you find out PDRL at the same time?
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