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    What happens/timeline after favorable BCMR decision?

    I was able to help expedite some of the processing by sending copies of the BCNR decision to DFAS and DEERS. They then reached out to validate the authenticity. With another phone call and fax, they updated their systems while I was on the line. From there it may take a couple days to propagate.
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    VA Disability Travel Reimbursement

    This is what I thought however the IRS can be something of a multi-headed tetrahedron, when it suits them.
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    VA Disability Travel Reimbursement

    Does anyone know if the travel reimbursements are considered taxable income? The answer may affect how I document and handle the checks I've been receiving after my exams and any future travel claims I may initiate.
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    How long to get docket number?

    A few months. You’ll get a reply via USPS. Hang in there.
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    How to Backdate VA Disability Rating

    I understand that, but these are extraordinary circumstances. Can you ask the lecturer?
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    How to Backdate VA Disability Rating

    I currently have a VA Disability rating for Service Connected injuries/ degenerations that occurred to my body. I was punitively discharged in 2007 and for that reason I didn't file with VA until early 2020. In late 2019 the BCNR determined under Secretarial Authority that I should instead...
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    Regulations to Support Promotion

    MCO P1400.32D W CH 1-2 26. Marines who are confined by civil and/or foreign authorities, on appellate leave, or in an unauthorized absence and/or deserter status, or who enter such status while the selection board is in session, are not eligible for promotion consideration. If the Marine is...
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    Regulations to Support Promotion

    I have a friend who recently received notice from BCNR that his case was favorably adjudicated. His SCM conviction and resulting BCD was effectively overturned due to matters of injustice. HQMC called to let him know that they were processing his updated DD214 with RE-1 and Honorable...
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    Another Favorable BCNR anthrax case

    I just got news that I was able to help another Marine with his anthrax discharge. He was in similar situation: kicked-out with a BCD. After review, the board reversed the punitive reduction in rank, loss of pay and awarded him an Honorable discharge with RE-1 reentry code under Secretarial...
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    Discharge Upgrade

    I concur with your assessment. Just in case that wasn't clear enough, I think your situation warrants full relief and I would even challenge the narrative separation. Semper Fidelis
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    US Court of Federal Claims

    Would you mind keeping me in the loop? I may need the services of a competent lawyer as well.
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    Correction of records first

    By statute, boards are required to respond by 18months. I have no idea what to do if that timeline slips. Mine took 17.
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    Correction of records first

    Not the one I was referring to but it looks like you struck pay dirt! I was unaware of this one and it seems more directly relevant for you.
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    Correction of records first

    I posted awhile back a memo from the Undersecretary of Defense Weilke that PTSD cases are given special consideration when reviewing Records’ Correction cases. It should help. Best wishes.
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    DFAS MyPay Duplication ?/<> Issue

    I’m not retired. I tried reaching out to DFAS but I’m getting the run around.