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  • Do you mean reclassifying into another MOS? If so, this would have to be explored before the PEB happens. They will only look at your fitness in your current MOS/grade/rank. If you mean while you are awaiting the outcome of the PEB, the same points I raised earlier apply. You can request a move, but it would be an exception.

    Hope all goes well. I know the waiting can be tough.
    Once you get PEB findings, then you can request home awaiting orders. Until then, usually, you cannot PCS or undertake any duty outside of your local area. Sometimes, they make exceptions, but it is not likely. Still, you might ask your PEBLO. If you do, before, I would line up a good plan, get your doctor to approve and get admission promised from the receiving medical facility. Exceptions are rare, but I have seen all kinds made, including PCS OCONUS. This is not ever supposed to happen, but it has in the past, so if you are determined to try and you have support from your command and the doctors, it could happen. Best of luck!
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