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    VA caregiver program

    We applied and then the Dole VA somehow "misplaced" the application and when we called to see what could be done a GIGANTIC push to blame the mishap on all kinds of things other than the program on site. We just let it go as the nightmare that can come of it is not worth the money. They can...
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    Caregiver Back Pay

    Please drop back in and let us know how it turns out!
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    SSDI Continuing Review

    Psychiatry is BARELY a science on a good day. That is a fact. Psychology is also hardly a STEM degree. Therapy is time and again proven to be as much help for some vets as pica is for bulimics. Many brain injuries are lumped in or even misdiagnosed (by a shrink) with PTSD and no amount of...
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    Social Security Disability 3 year review

    Sent you a message with some of my experience on the long form review.
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    Honor our Military heroes! - Pass H.R. Bill 303-Retired Pay Restoration Act

    I've heard its been brought up a few times over the years.
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    Voc Rehab!

    Did you get this worked out?
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    Caregiver processing timeline

    How did this turn out for you?
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    VA caregiver program

    I was told the program is "temporary to get the veteran the best version of themselves" today on the phone with the VA caregiver support line. She made it sound like it was just a little help to get over a hump. Is that what people are experiencing out there in the real world?
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    Hello, I saw your post about aid and attendance . We are in the same boat, my wife quit her...

    Hello, I saw your post about aid and attendance . We are in the same boat, my wife quit her Chiropractic practice to stay home and help me with some of my issues. The financial hit was fairly massive. I receive the homebound extra monthly compensation of 380, but noone mentioned the aid and...
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    SSDI Reevaluation

    I in fact had no issues with the block checking, and I am still being sent to do a physical (which is probably normal from what I have read). Thanks for the information.
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    SSDI Reevaluation

    Thanks James, I did not do my due diligence and educate myself on the process. I certainly would use that as a cautionary tale for anyone else with SSDI. I am playing catch up now which is never a good place to be.
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    SSDI Reevaluation

    Babs, Sent you a PM on how this turned out for you. I had to do the long and short form, and now it appears as if I have to have a complete workup done because of "Lack of medical evidence". I thought they had all the evidence they needed when I was awarded the SSDI.
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    Student loan discharge for 100% P&T vets

    Yes I just got the 1099C in the mail about two weeks ago.
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    Student loan discharge for 100% P&T vets

    Yea it is so new, I just spoke to a CPA about my tax implications and the form for insolvency, and he said "I cant believe you guys have to pay taxes on something like this, the law needs changed." Well now it is!
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