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    Texas 100% P & T Benefits

    100% Schedular Congrats! Benefits include: • At 100% schedular, you can work with no issues. • Full healthcare with no copays at 50% or more. • Travel pay at 30% or more. • Dependent's pay at 30% or more. • VR&E at 10% or more. • Base IDs (Exchange/Commissary/MWR) for Veteran and dependents...
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    VA Caregiver Program

    Not to plug things but that's a big advantage in being in the NGO groups like the ones in my signature line I learn a lot from fellow vets and almost all of them are Vietnam to my OEF.
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    What insurance do medically separated permanent disability soldiers get?

    Hes got four months to opt into VGLI from SGLI after that he probably will not qualify for life insurance again unless its really low like 10k. VGLI waives the proof of good health during that short time frame.
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    VA Caregiver Program

    No thats not how it works if a claim was filed during that time then yes it could have been still pursued not sure if the caregiver works the same but a claim has to be in progress for any claim to paid via retro if granted posthumously.
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    New Old Goat On The Forum

    Decades-old claims the VA will fight it especially if it's not noted in your in-service medical records. They are also bad for hitting you with "no chronicity" what that means is you have to have treatment very close to when you got out all the way to today if it didn't really manifest to a...
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    TDRL 100% to 90 Permanent

    Stop reading the benefit summary letter it doesn't apply here if its a proposed reduction it won't reflect on ebenefits until your due process rights have expired. Find a VSO to help you out
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    TDRL 100% to 90 Permanent

    Might want to post the letter I dont know if they are proposing to reduce or reduced your percentage but you are still 100% remember your due process rights apply to your pay not the actual percentage.
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    Depressive disorder exam rating question

    A VSO can look at your file and tell you the exact date of your next exam but increases usually get an RFE a static rating is a rating that remains unchanged after 1-3 reviews.
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    Depressive disorder exam rating question

    At this point its unimportant a RFE for MH at five years is common. If you are really concerned about it you can link up with a VSO who can tell you which conditions are static or not. Expect a RFE after this exam as well.
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    Social Security and Voc Rehab

    TDIU can be P&T and yes you qualify I recommend talking to a VSO to properly submit the claim.
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    Credible evidence about SA being reduced to 30%

    Im still unsure if the rating is getting busted down to 30% or with CPAP it will be 30%. It clearly says "with a cpap the max rating will be 30%" not sure if they are just making the 50% much higher to achieve or not. The whole cpap pretty much getting you 50% had to do with how big they were...
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    Credible evidence about SA being reduced to 30%

    It applies to anyone who has a date of claim or effective date after the change. Everyone before that date falls under the old schedule
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    Credible evidence about SA being reduced to 30%

    FYI the VBA is proposing some changes to the rating tables the big one that's coming down is reducing the maximum for sleep apnea from 50 to 30%. This has been talked about forever but now the VBA is moving forward with it I chose not to post in public as nothing bas been officially released yet...
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    Sleep Apnea question

    DBQ's are gone the new ones are not released to the public, just have them do the nexus the examiner will determine the rating.
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