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    NG Title 32 ADOS with LOD's but not being kept on orders

    I was able to find a great asset through the active Army's Warrior Transition folks. They put me in contact with the right person who was able to bird dog things for me. When it comes right down to it, it's federal law that they keep you on. It's up to THEM to figure out how that happens.
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    Promotion to E-9 upon medical retirement

    Great help, thanks!! Focused too much on the USC and not the AR. My mistake. Thanks again!!!!
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    Promotion to E-9 upon medical retirement

    SGM, Thanks for the help. Much appreciated!
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    Promotion to E-9 upon medical retirement

    Hello all. Question for the masses. I understand USC dictates if someone is on a promotion list and they are retired for medical reasons, they will be promoted to the grade they are on the list for. I am in the NG, and have just started the long MEB/PEB process. My buddy is at the end of his...
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    Can I get two P3 profiles for two UNRELATED med boardable conditions?

    I am just starting down the long road of MEB/PEB. I was rated P3 and referred to the board for Neck, Lower Back, PTSD and Apnea. So, I would have to answer yes to your question. Good luck with everything!
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    PTSD LOD through NGB

    Greetings all! I have been referred to the MEB for various spine and joint issues, as well as apnea and PTSD. I have approved LOD's for all except PTSD. I received a VA rating of 50% for PTSD in 2010. At the time I told nobody about the diagnosis, nor did I ever draw compensation. I didn't...
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    Update To Meb

    I wish you and your husband the best of luck! This board is overflowing with amazingly useful information. Never be afraid to reach out, as there are experts all over. I'm just starting down what will likely be a long road until my retirement is complete, and I will frequent this board for...
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    NG Title 32 ADOS with LOD's but not being kept on orders

    Looking for guidance from those who may have experienced similar things. BLUF: I'm 23 years in, with about 12 years AFS. Have been on ADOS Title 32 502f orders since January 2010. I have incurred new injuries and aggravated old ones while on ADOS, and have 3 approved LOD's, with 2 more...
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    Reservist needing guidance

    If you are still on active duty orders, my advice is to get LOD's for any and all conditions you've incurred, that have not already been judged to be incurred in the line of duty. You need to speak to your medical case manager and discuss with them the process. I'm in somewhat the same...
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    23 Years Guard service, on ADOS orders with LOD's....medical retirement?

    Thank you all for your input. I have conditions from Afghanistan that have been approved LOD from 2010, to include both knees torn/arthralgia, lumbar spine issues, left shoulder tear. With everything I've been rated for at VA, it's currently at 80%. My civilian ortho has completed MRI's on...
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    23 Years Guard service, on ADOS orders with LOD's....medical retirement?

    Question: I have 23 good years for retirement, with about 11 years AD time. I'm rated 80% VA (haven't drawn any) and have been on ADOS for approximately 9 years now. My medical conditions are getting to the point I'm not able to keep up the way I should. Being evaluated for sleep apnea soon...
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