Oct 12, 1964 (Age: 56)


Ron P
15FEB2010: OEF Al UDied AB, Qatar (6 months)
9APR2010: Passed out 9 April 2010 on duty (syncope) while on water detail
9APR to 4MAY2010: Treated by MTF/Doha Hospital - for three weeks - no diagnosis
5MAY2010: Air Evacuated to LRMC, Germany (Heart cath (negative result), and 10 days of test with no diagnosis)
15MAY 2010: Returned to Qatar and finished tour
13SEP2010: Return Home and DVT lower left leg while on R&R (two days after being back)
April 2010: Med Hold Orders and blood thinners until April 2011 - Returned to Duty (RTD) Dual Status Military Technician Civil Service Position
21JULY2010: Blood clots in Lungs (PE), Saddle Emboli, Enlarged heart ER at private Hospital
15NOV2011 thru 23July 2012: Med Hold Orders more blood thinners - RTD Dual Status Military Technician Civil Service Position
July 2015: DVT right leg and PE in lungs (again) - Blood thinners for life (Xeralto) - RTD and Dual Status Military Technician Civil Service Position
02DEC2015: NGB Assessing if LOD - seemed to be a big question if the reoccurrence qualified as LOD.
8MAR2016: Voluntarily filed VACP for PE, DVT (each leg), Tinnitus, high blood pressure, and Hernia
1AUG2016: Awarded VACP 70% (60% PE, 10% left DVT, 10% Right DT, 10% tinnitus)
17FEB2018: Converted from Dual Status Technician to Title 5 Excepted employee - now I can keep my job if military Med Board separates
9JUN2018: Commanders Intent LTR
20JUN2018: PEBLO sent medical records to VA
22JUN2018: VA Brief and filed VBA-21-526EZ-ARE
16JUL2018: QTC Physical Assessment - Audio 21July18
9AUG2018: PEBLO MEB results and AF 618 - Signed and submitted with no letters
13AUG2018: PEBLO indicates 4-8 weeks for results
22AUG2018: PEBLO indicates IPEB ruled Unfit on 22AUG18 - 2-3 weeks to get DoD rating
19SEP2018: New compensation claim opened dated 22AUG18
27SEP2018: Original 21JUN18 IDES LOD closed and allow 7 to 10 days for mail. Never arrived.
15OCT18: Chronic Floaters both eyes filed 22Dec17 was holding up MEB VA rating - denied 15OCT18
26OCT18: DAV Memo indicating MEB VA rating continued the PE 60%, DVT left 10%, DVT right 10%, Hernia 0% (scar numbness), Hypertension (on meds) 0%, and denied GERD.
30OCT18: eBenefits closed 30OCT18 and added "Disability Evaluation System (DES)" to the PE 60%. Other verbiage did not change.
6NOV18: PEBLO IPEB notification: 60%DOD/70% VA/PDRL. Six days to respond COB 12NOV18 Veterans Day Observed
9NOV18: Spoke with OAC and appealed to formal PEB because AF Form 356 indicates illness was not in Combat Zone. It was!
27NOV18: Office of Airman's Counsel (AOC) Summary Report was denied by FPEB to change the AF Form 356
28NOV18: Formal PEB scheduled for 28NOV18 and OAC will represent my case in absentia.
28NOV18: On advice from OAC, I signed and accepted AF Form 1180 waiving FPEB and accepting IPEB rating of DOD 60%.
6DEC18: PDRL orders cut for 28DEC18, yet asking for change to 31DEC18 and effective date of retirement 1JAN19
10DEC18 to 14DEC18: TAPS Retirement Transition class at Scott AFB; SBP briefing at Scott AFB 11DEC18
12DEC18: PDRL 60% Order published with effective date of 1JAN2019.
1JAN19: Retired and working on Tricare and final DD-214
13JAN19: Issued my retiree card which queued DEERS and enrolled in Tricare and I selected Tricare Prime
1FEB19: Received my first DOD retiree pay and RAS. Still no DD-214 because I was reserve/ANG at time of retirement.
5FEB19: AFW2 replied that I will not get a DD-214 because I was not active duty at separation. My previous DD-214s from 2012 are final and use my PDRL order as proof of disability.



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