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    Unprovoked PE with lifelong anticoagulation recommended

    Congrats on your retirement. Enjoy, take care, and thanks for your service. Ron P
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    Can I sell back my 9 years 8 months of service after medically retired.

    Still to early for me to know. I have another year until MRA. I am working on a Discontinued Service Retirement angle after attending a retirement seminar. Best regards. Ron P.
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    Not an active duty forum. I have used this forum and the information was helpful. I have seen many post from National Guard, Reserves, and of course active duty. In the end, whether reserve, guard or active duty, we all are processed using the same policy and procedures. Best regards, Ron P
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    kleeris, eBenefits was not designed for the MED Board process. You should get all your information from the PEBLO which is normally a contractor and represents the process. The PEBLO is not your representative yet will help you navigate the process. PEBLOS work for the government or a...
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    New to PEB

    Bottom line up front always peruse an IDES MEB if you have the option. It is the way to get your entitlements for life. There are many post on this site about the subject. Best regards, Ron P
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    MEDCON Orders & the IDES Process

    Yes, this DODI and the IDES process is frustrating at best. The DODI is treated like a suggestion and you have to get the actual Service rules. I processed through IDES for a LOD illness that occurred on deployment back in 2010. Then, I had a reoccurrence of the condition in 2011 and 2015. At...
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    Just starting, 26 months later...

    Hip-E7, Sorry to hear of your medical issues. I riddled a similar months ago and the answer is that the full and complete AFSC military standards need met for retention. In this case, I will have to yield to the doctor about the MEB. Cross training should not, and I think is prohibited, once...
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    NGB fit or unfit decision point

    I have been through the process and I still do not know what the NGB role truly is in the process. My case had a data point in July 2015 and I did not get the official LOD signal until May 2018. Every case is different so take is a information. Best of luck. Ron P
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    PEB for MST

    Your State NG should have a full time Sexual Assault Prevention (SAPR) and Response person and a 24 hour hotline. Even if excused from drilling you are still a member of that NG and the SAPR can provide support.
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    Do disabled veterans need a 180-day waiver for federal employment?

    Interesting thread yet to my knowledge my HR office has not experienced the Disability retiree situation. We go ahead and interview, select and make an offer. If the candidate accepts, then we hold the position until they can start. In general, anytime an agency offers and job and the...
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    Factor V Leiden/DVT History-at IRILO Stage

    VRotcaf, Congrats on surviving DVTs and not having PE. I cannot comment on the Factor V Leiden heterozygous condition for my episodes were event driven. Just a couple of thoughts. You may be able to complete your current work requirements, yet The bib AF is concerned about mobility and...
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    Try and hit 20 Years in Reserves or Medically Retire with current 100% VA Disability Rating?

    charlie1234, it appears you would have the 30% covered as to a retirement versus severance pay, so more information is required for an educated guess. Medical retirement max is 75% of your high three. Not sure about CDRP for you since you have less than 20 years. Certainly it appears staying...
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    Maya Post .....10% DOD 90% VA Disability Severance ?

    Maya, You are AGR and have over 18 years. Is it not possible for you to remain in service until you get to 20 years of service?
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    Unprovoked PE with lifelong anticoagulation recommended

    Rijmus, Welcome to the PE survivors club! It is a great club to be in. I can't comment on any of the rest, yet wish you the best. Ron P
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    30% rule on disability retirement?

    Boomerang, "Also, is the 30% DOD retirement criteria cumulative?" Yes, the DOD uses the same criteria and VA assigns the ratings. Caveat is that only the unfitting conditions are included in the DOD rating (example I have 60%, 10%, 10% and 10% ratings equals a VACP 70%. My DOD rating is 60%...
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