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    TDRL Re-evaluation

    I was just notified that I am up for TDRL re-evaluation after being on TDRL for the past year for Epilepsy and Migraines. The TDRL office gives the option of completing the re-evaluation by going to a Military Treatment Facility, the VA, or by having my civilian provider do it. I currently see...
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    Appeal TDRL 100% for potential PDRL?

    I just got results from the IPEB of 100% DoD & 100% VA but I was placed on the TDRL. My unfitting condition is a pretty severe case of epilepsy that developed while I was deployed. My epilepsy was pretty out of control at the time of the MEB but I imagine it could improve over time with the...
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    CRSC for deployed but non-combat related issue?

    I'm an active duty AF pilot with approximately 11 years of service. On a recent non-flying deployment, I had several Grand-mal seizures which inevitably resulted in an epilepsy diagnosis and recommendation for MEB. I am told by the flight surgeon that it's pretty cut and dry that I will be...