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    CRSC Estimate

    Timeline 8 Aug E-mailed packet to HRC 15 Aug Called HRC to verify receipt of documents and that every thing was there that was needed said they didn't see anything in the system 15 Aug Resubmitted Docs 16 Aug Called HRC to validate receipt of docs. Was Told ever thing was there 19 Aug Received...
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    Crsc approved in 12 days!

    Ron can correct me if I am wrong. IU is a VA thing, you should receive 70% based upon the actual disability.
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    Combining referred diagnoses

    I had two conditions that were unfit PTSD at 50% and DDD at 20% for a total combined DOD of 60%. The rest the VA picked up.
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    Chapter 61?

    Guardguy, Ron and I; and Army HRC and I have been round circles with this. I had 17 years of active service with 7 years reserve time for 6808 points, and a 20 year leter. It didn't work out for me to fight HRC, so Ron was right . My best hope at this point is for CRSC if I make it to 60 then I...
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    Chapter 61?

    I would say check you points statement, but I don't know if they produce one for AGR. I just ran a rough calculation for points 18 years of "active time"= 6570. Eight years of as a drilling member at an estimated 65 points per year = 520 points 6570+520= 7090 pts leaving 110 points till 7200...
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    Va timeline

    You all may or may not be able to look on e-benefits and check the disabilities page. It might show you there. The DOD ratings should match the VA ratings for your unit conditions.
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    Need help with CRSC calculation please!

    Thank you, it looks like they are taking 30-60 days at this point
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    Need help with CRSC calculation please!

    @mertkaj when did you submit for CRSC?
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    Requesting Advice

    With all that has been said above, you are looking at 1000 points remaining to get to the 7200. Using 65 points per year, it would take over 15 years to get those additional points. Can you do what you need to for that period of time? That is the question you need to answer your self.
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    CRSC Estimate

    The other points to this are CRCS I don't worry about paying federal theft(taxes) on the 1591. As well as I can make 1200 grow by investing it or saving it now which I cant do with the CRDP money currently.
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    CRSC Estimate

    Ron, That's still 16 years away. So until they change the rules, this will have to do until then.
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    CRSC Estimate

    -- 1,945.00 On Ras. --I was approved for 60% DOD in my medical retirements, with is $1,945.00. -- I have 18 years and 9 months and 20 days of active duty (20 year letter from reserves) --I receive 100% P&T VA with is $3520.00 I have a wife and 2 kids that are under 18 years, with One in...
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    CRSC application

    13 year Active Duty Marines, with four years of Marine Reserves as well, Medically Retired from the Army reserve(with a 20 year letter) here. Don't just think your ever the only one, there's more then you might think.
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