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    CRSC question, I was put on the PDRL 100% combat related Unemployable, I was also given 100% by the VA scheduler, set for January 2015. My CRSC % is also 100%. My question is when I am reviewed in 2015, if my percentage is dropped to 10% by the VA, would I lose my CRSC? I see a civilian doctor...
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    2 weeks after they recieve your packet
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    PDA Timeline?

    Ashjackson, did you call the PDA to find out the status on your paperwork, they would be able to tell you if you da 199 has been approved
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    My Army MEB Timeline

    Surebet0007, did you get anything from the PDA yet, I signed last Tuesday and still waiting for confimation
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    My Army MEB Timeline

    ok last question for you promise, I signed my da 199 on tuesday, and sent it back to my PEBLO, on Wednesday, called the PEB friday to see if they had any info, I was told nothing in there system about my election, does the PEBLO send directly to the PDA or does she send to FT Sam the PEB? so ill...
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    My Army MEB Timeline

    Hey mexmess, I am running about 4 days behind you, signed my da 199 Aug 3, have you recieved anything back from the PDA as yet?
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