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    Updates on site (New Software and Virus)

    Jason, Overall the site looks good but I do miss one thing (maybe I just need to dig for it). I like the "at a glance" page from the old software that gave you the latest posts, blogs and members. I do see you can see the latest posts by going to Home > Forums > What's New I also tried to...
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    TRICare Benefits Costs 345% Higher?

    Don't know how accurate this is, but according to this story, if all goes as President Obama plans, it soon looks like our DoD Disability Retirement will be needed to offset TRICare costs: Obama to cut medical benefits for active, retired military, not union workers - Spokane Conservative |...
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    Advisory to all posters

    Jason, If someone were to break Federal law by violating TOS through "collecting evidence", to whom would you report the violation? Interesting that the PEB tried to use this tactic in J8ed's case and wonder what recourse he has.
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    Trying to delete thread

    PTSD service aggravated In my opinion it will be EPTS - Service Aggravated. You may want to hit maparker or Jason up to ask what they think. I am not too sure how your case would pan out.
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    Trying to delete thread

    PTSD service aggravated I don't really understand your situation so I am not sure I can answer it correctly. When you say your PTSD was EPTS - Service Aggravated, what do you mean? Did you have PTSD prior to joining the service? If not, how did they determine it was EPTS? Did you see this...
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    Medcon orders while waiting for LOD results?

    You have an interesting case now that I have gone back and re-read what occurred. There are a lot of "what-if's" in there to consider. You may want to review AFI 36-2910 - especially Chapter 3 - and then consider the specifics of your situation. I had a similar situation where my LOD was...
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    appeal process

    You really don't have control in preferring disability percentages. It should be based on a fair review by the board. In the IDES, you can do the following if you do not agree with the IPEB findings (I am not 100% sure of all options): 1. Agree with IPEB findings 2. Request an Impartial...
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    See this link:
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    Medcon orders while waiting for LOD results?

    See this link: USAF ARC MEDCON - HOT OFF THE PRESS! - Blogs - Physical Evaluation Board Forum
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    Possible MEB with fast approaching Seperation Date

    Once the member accepts a PEB finding of UNFIT (>= 30%), AFPC will cut retirement orders. If you are medically retired, you don't get to serve out your extension. If you have leave, they should allow you to take some/all (depending on how much you have) and/or allow you/make you sell any...
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    Is TDRL mandatory when PTSD is a contributing factor?

    I believe he will be put on TDRL because of the PTSD rating. When he goes back for reevaluation, he will have to be checked for all his issues (that's what I have heard and I could be wrong). If the PTSD does not improve, then it will be changed to PDRL - but I do not know how long he would be...
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    found UnFit for duty

    In your case since you are rated UNFIT at 0% you have nothing to lose if you appeal or request a formal (there is a difference between the two). What you may need to do is look at the VASRD to check the rating percentages your husband should be awarded based on his condition. They have already...
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    Severance Pay recoupment from VA

    Sorry - I made an error - The severance pay COULD be taxed depending on your situation. Please read the top story on this link (it also clarifies VA recoupment): Disability Severance Pay Taxed Also from DoD Financial Management Regulation Volume 7B Chapter 11: 110504. Severance Pay and VA...
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    Severance Pay recoupment from VA

    I'm not doubting what the letter says or how you read it - you may want to double-check what they said. They could have made an error and when an audit finds the mistake, they will come after the money. My understanding is it doesn't matter if you are found unfit at 0% or even 20%, you will...
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    Told Air Force is done now waiting on VA???

    I filed a VA claim as a Reservist separate from my MEB (which I am still awaiting contact from the PEBLO) (yes - a Reservist can file a claim while still actively participating) and I am still waiting... I filed in May 2011 and my case is still in the Gathering of Evidence phase. I will say...