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    Can anyone help? Frustrated

    I received my MEB decision about a week after I got back from my C&P exams. The only issue I have now is somehow my C&P for my MEB condition has been lost. So now I'm at a standstill again.
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    Do I have to submit my military medical records?

    If you are current still in the military AD, and you are I'm assuming going to be going through an MEB? Or are you planning on getting out and submitting your own claims? If you are going through an MEB then all of your records will be forwarded through. I'm not sure on the process if you are...
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    Do I have to submit my military medical records?

    Are you asking if you should submit your military medical records to your civilian provider? Did your civilian provider ask you for your mental health records? Nothing will hurt your claim unless you are possibly stretching the truth about something. But I would provide my military records with...
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    Needing knee replacement surgery

    I'm somewhat in the same boat. I have had 5 knee surgeries to include 4 acl replacements, a meniscus transplant and meniscus root repair. I have been told by several Doctors that I need a knee replacement but I am too young for it. I have completed my MEB and C&Ps but am currently waiting for...
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    MEB help

    You can always write up a memorandum and have it signed by your supervision or even better your commander if he is in the loop of your medical conditions. Almost like a p.t. waiver but more personal for you. My NARSUM was fairly quick, but my MEB was pretty much going to happen after my 5th knee...
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    MEB help

    For your NARSUM, that should be able to be completed within a week, maybe less. It kind of depends how busy your base is and how many other individuals your PCM is seeing. Your new PCM should be able to review all previous notes put in by any previous PCMs and write a new NARSUM if need be. My...
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    who to contact?

    RonG, Yes I do have a PEBLO and he has been a great help. I guess I am just overly worried about my ratings outcome and also being in an overseas location there aren't any local orgs to help. everything has to be done over e-mail. I prefer face-to-face transactions during this process. Thank...
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    who to contact?

    Who are good sources to contact to help you through the IPEB process. Who can I contact to help me review my C&P exams and figure if there is somewhere that might deserve a higher rating or can help me with the process of rebutting my initial percentages?
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    It's that time...

    It is finally that time for me to do my C&P exams. I will be leaving Okinawa Japan and flying to Sacramento California. I have a total of 6 appointments scheduled and 14 disabilities listed to be examined. The main one I have will be for my left knee. I have already had 5 knee surgeries, 4 of...
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    Overseas MEB? Help please

    I am also stationed in Japan and currently going through an MEB. I had multiple outpatient procedures done in Hawaii, but my MEB was ultimately started back in Japan. My next step is going to California for my C&P exams.
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    VA Form 21-526EZ

    I just received my VA Form 21-526EZ. The only thing I'm curious about is that the Bilateral ankle, right hip pain, and right knee pain are secondary to my primary issue which is Chronic left knee pain and instability. Shouldn't it say something like that on the form so they are counted together...
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    When should i seek counsel

    So at my current point in the MEB process, my case has been accepted and a package has been submitted including my NARSUM, Commanders impact letter and VA Form 21-526EZ. I was told the next step is waiting for a meeting with my VA representative to go over my records. My PEBLO told me not to...
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    Here, this one should work...
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    Well everyone its getting that much closer. I received my NARSUM, so I guess you could say things are getting serious. What do you guys think about what my NARSUM says.
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    When will it end...

    Hey everyone, a little background for me so far. I have had 5 knee surgeries. 4 ACL replacements and 1 debrievement. 1 Meniscus transplant and 1 root repair. This equals to 5 total knee surgeries. I was put on an MEB but was ultimately taken off because I was in the process of getting my next...
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