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    ARC DES Issues with Congressman Wittman: 7 May 10

    i am fighting the same battle. i have thousands of dollars in medical bills due to outside referrals while on LOD and INCAP status. i continue to forward all bills to my unit, yet nothing gets done. it's almost to the point where this is going to affect my near perfect credit rating. i have...
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    Unemployment Disability Pay questions

    have you given any thought about soial security? if you have any questions about SS let me know. good luck!
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    How to get to the MEB/PED

    wwife, does he have any LOD's (Line of Duty Determinations) done for any of these conditions?
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    been off-line for a while

    hey guys, hope all is well here. i've been off-line for a while. my stuff is basicaly done. got my retirement orders (oct 24'th). just waiting on my 214. i just wanted to let you guys know i'm back and if i can be of assistance to anyone here, feel free to contact me. just wanted to...
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    If Your Case is Complicated, Consider an MEB's a great one

    so very true. i'm sure there r many great jag's out there, but if you caan afford it, i would highly consider it. i did and it was the est decision i have made. this is your life and the career in someone else's hands. it's kind of like getting a pulic defendor if you have the funds to get...
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    well my MEB came back (submitted mid march). it came back 60% perm combined 40% back and 30% pain/anxiety. kind of a screwy rating. they did not address my OSA or neuro issue. i'm already getting 60% from the VA without my back and that's for PTSD: 50% and tinnitus: 10%. i already have...
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    Stuck in the black hole of MEB's

    i'm in the same boat as you. also injured in aug 06. fell through the cracks of the DES. i was orgionally on orders and placed on INCAP in 08, where i remain today. my stuff was submitted to the IPEB in march 2010 and was told it would take 4 months to process. like you i was retired by...
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    informal rating

    armyof1, congrats bro, u deserve it. i would use thes next couple of years working on your VA claim and social security, which can be done. i did it but it took years and you have the time now. if u need any help or advice w/that let me know. good luck and dont be a stranger here.
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    Air Force March IPEB Packages

    still nothing on my mid march case, but my VA claims started to come through. jan i had a comp & pen for hearing/tinnitus, got my results back w/in a month (feb) 0% hearing loss and 10% tinnitus. then in feb i had another comp & pen for PTSD, once again i got my results back w/in a month-march...
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    Air Force Reserve Improper INCAP Pay - Is This Problem Common?

    if you guys need any help or assistance w/INCAP issues, please let me know. i was injured in the LOD in aug 2006, kept on orders until oct 2008, where i remain to date. i just did my 100'th extension, since it's only good for 6 months. i have done everything correctly to the tee, throughout...
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    Outcome of IPEB, should I request formal PEB?

    jBALLS, CONGRATS!!! but don't stop there. get yourself a good VSO and start your appeals. if you need some reccomendations, let me know. no where to go but up from here :)
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    STOP-LOSS application approved

    did you expect anything less :) i was just surprised when mine was initially processed so quick. but i will believe it when i have cash in hand, cause it did say that "DFAS believes that they MAY OWE me.
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    Reserve Components: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force -- chance to be heard

    i added my 2 cents and i hope other in the same boat as us do. way to go doug!!!
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    PEB Forum is Three Years Old!!

    well put time flys when you are getting boned by the DES ;) i honsetly don't know where i'd be w/out this site. many thanks to jason, mike and all the other mods and members that have kept me in the fight and "some-what" sane throught the past 3-4 years. we can only go up from...
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    Welcome our new Moderator, Ruptured Duck!

    way to step up, many thanks!!!
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