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    PEB timeline

    Hello, re: “And unfortunately he [PEBLO] said that there is nothing we can do to expedite the PEB process.“ From what I have read in the past, your PEBLO is probably correct. Good luck, Ron
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    Help with DFAS and my retirement pay

    Hello @NJOnguard I infer you currently have a disability retirement since you state 60% DoD and the nature of this board. It is my understanding that in cases where a RC member initially receives a DoD disability retirement (CH 61) and then later, reaches the age retirement for his/her RC...
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    ANG dual status technian

    Somewhat related, but not specifically for Intent to File. 38 CFR § 3.110 - Computation of time limit. CFR p § 3.110 Computation of time limit. (a) In computing the time limit for any action required of a claimant or beneficiary, including the filing of claims or evidence requested by VA, the...
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    ANG dual status technian

    I am not an expert on "Intent to File" procedures, but I successfully used it with my last claim. My comments are related to whether something is "on time" or within an allowable period. VA: "The date VA receives your intent to file will be protected as your effective date. However, the...
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    TDRL 100% to PDRL 70% help

    CRDP in the scenario you describe will not exceed the dollar amount of the longevity portion of retired pay. CRDP does not restore waived non-longevity retired pay. Furthermore, if there is residual retired pay the combination of residual retired pay and CRDP cannot exceed the dollar amount...
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    Beginning of VA benefits (monthly pay)

    Ref: "Officially separated from service end of Sept" Speaking about VA compensation entitlement in general: VA compensation begins to accrue the first day of the month following the month having the VA comp effective date. Effective date VA comp, 28 September 2020 = VA comp would accrue...
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    VA 100 and DOD 50 percent with over 22 years

    Title of thread: VA 100 and DOD 50 percent with over 22 years If your 22 years is active duty, and you have a VA rating of 50% or more, you would be eligible for CRDP which restores the longevity portion of retired pay. Using the same 22 years scenario, if you were rated by DoD at 30% or...
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    Over 20 TIS MEB

    Hello @jet351 Re: " I am an active duty CW4 in the U.S. Army with over 20 years of TIS. " I infer you qualify for a regular retirement. The following was offered: "So if 20 years = 50% and your DOD disability rating is 70% then you get 70% of your base pay for life! Since you have 20 years...
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    TDRL 100% to PDRL 70% help

    Hello, You express yourself quite well. Ref: "What I'm trying to communicate is in my personal case, my unfitting conditions were rated 100 by both the VA and DOD when I was discharged from the military. I was placed on the TDRL and the VA rated my unfitting conditions at 100 and also rated...
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    TDRL 100% to PDRL 70% help

    Hello @041n481 Re: "The military office of counsel has mostly been useless at this point. The attorney could not answer whether or not the DOD had to follow what the VA rated me at (100) since im P&T. Since I am 100 for the unfitting conditions and P&T by the VA, it seems asinine the DOD would...
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    Closed Claim Confusion

    Often, a reply will not be available until the next day. No one is constantly monitoring the board (24/7) with hopes of having a question to answer. It is much like a convenience store...stop and go. Good luck, Ron
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    VA letter help

    Sorry...could not un-bold the font. Changed the color instead. Hello, Ref: M21-1 and laws cited. §3.340 Total and permanent total ratings and unemployability (a) Total disability ratings—(1) General. Total disability will be considered to exist when there is present any impairment of mind...
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    Is there a time limit for applying for CRSC?

    I have never read of a CRSC application expiration date; I do not think there is one. There is a six-year barring rule for retroactive payment however. 2017: Here is how the Army explains the six year retro limitation: "There is a Six Year Statute of Limitations: CRSC is subject to the...
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    Requesting help or a resource for help with a CRSC claim

    The processing time differs between services. I suspect the Army's process takes longer because they field more applications. Here is RaiderX's timeline (reported in January 2020): Timeline 8 Aug E-mailed packet to HRC 15 Aug Called HRC to verify receipt of documents and that every thing was...
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    Background: Concurrent Receipt 2020-10-26

    Concurrent Receipt: Background and Issues for Congress See this link for the full report: <--- Notice: This report does not include information pertaining to PENDING Concurrent Receipt bills that might have been introduced in Congress. See link at...
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