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    Medically retired due to migraines. Problem fixed. Now I want to get back in. Is it possible?

    Were you put on the TDRL or PDRL? If TDRL you should be allowed to be re evaluated and get back in if the situation is resolved, but a recruiter would be a good place to start....
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    PDA timeline question

    Hey guys, Quick question in regards to notification of retirement. Last week when the IDES dashboard was working it said the "PDA step" was completed on the 16th of September. I know that I am supposed to receive notification, counseling etc. in order to put in for orders, but as of yet I...
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    Is IDES Dashboard having issues?

    I haven't been able to get in for the last 2 days
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    Confused about retirement/VA pay

    Glad I could help. Congrats on your ratings....
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    Confused about retirement/VA pay

    Ok, so I'm going to assume you are an e5 or 6 over 8. Base pay around $3000. 70% DOD of that is $2100 a month. 70% VA (i saw these % in your other post) $1335 a month (if single). The problem is you cannot get both so your pension will be offset by your VA % so in this scenario you will get...
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    Use of CPAP machine possible rating

    So apnea with a CPAP is a 50% rating through the VA, I received it without much hassle. I don't know a lot about cpap's though so I can't really say if they will rate it without a being diagnosed with apnea. I would absolutely file to add it to your VA claim as soon as you can and would get...
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    Confused about retirement/VA pay

    There are a lot of variables to consider before you can have an answer. Active, reserve? Years of service? Rank? Rated VA conditions combat related? All of these things and probably a few more can affect how much you take home.
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    General Questions (IDES)

    Yes I've seen others post it. Think its pretty standard, just another step in the process.
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    Concurrent Receipt Eligibility for Traditional ANG Chapter 61 from AD

    Wow, that sounds horrible, sorry you are going through that. First thing I would do would talk to a lawyer or your VSO to see WTF, and if any kind of forgiveness or payment plan. Second I would file for CSRC immediately if you are eligible. They should backdate it to your retirement, and maybe...
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    MEB Chances??

    I can try to help, 1) For the Army 1 year is the make or break. If after 1 year he will still need a profile than yes they will most likely initiate an MEB. Also if he is unlikely to improve within 1 year they will initiate an MEB as well. 2) Hard to say, every situation is different. AR...
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    When do I sign NARSUM

    You do see it. The MEB sends you the Narsum. They determine if you meet retention standards by regulation, you sign and it goes to the PEB and they determine fit or unfit. The PEB decides that if you fail to meet retention whether or not can you still do your job anyway (fit/unfit).
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    C&P exam write up for Radiculopathy

    You have to google VA math. You will get 10% for each leg. If you use the combined ratings table that will combine for 19%. Then you ad the bilateral which is 10% of the 19% = 1.9% for a total of 20.9. Its confusing and irritating for sure
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    Concurrent Receipt Eligibility for Traditional ANG Chapter 61 from AD

    Fisher, Everything that I have found leads me to believe that you are eligible for CRDP, but can only collect it once you receive your reserve retirement at age 60 (or sooner if you qualify for the reduction of retirement age based on mobilization) However you should immediately be eligible...
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    199 Question

    Thanks gsfowler. This process has made me a little paranoid.....
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