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    Fit or unfit?

    Was just found Fit out of IPEB, even with a mountain of medical evidence and need for specialty care. About to try and get statements from medical providers which has been very difficult to accomplish due to appointment availability. CO recommended to be found unfit but no dice. I wish I knew...
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    Celiacs and missing Medical Rcords

    First a bit of Background: Service: Navy Rating: CTN LOS: 10 yr 10mo Diagnosis/referral to MEDBOARD(10 May 2019): Celiac Disease / chronic and severe sensitivities (Multiple other varying issues which, once I know more about what they will put up for ratings I will provide.) LIMDU Message sent...
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    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read.

    Interesting the way they do it, i can see how this is misleading as i wasnt sure myself how that would work. Thanks for the info!
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    Referred for PEB only 1 year in Navy

    Correct, you will need to be close to a MTF(Military Treatment Facility), if they do decide to separate you should not be removed from service until after you are in a stable condition. Keep focused on what your goals are, if its to stay in make a case that you genuinely want to stay in. As the...
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    Referred for PEB only 1 year in Navy

    Ill give you the answer I give my Sailors, you signed up to be in the Navy, your job is a secondary occurrence. There are not any rates that I'm aware of that are legit Non-Deployers. DOD policy is deploy or get out, I'm not sure where this leaves either of us to be honest... Celiacs is a...
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    Referred for PEB only 1 year in Navy

    Yes, they can re-rate you. I am about to enter the Med Board process as well, current guidance is tough for Navy folks as there is NO guarantee of assistance to receive a Gluten-free diet aboard any Naval vessel. If you have any updates let me know as ill be following as well.
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