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  • Im new to the site and going through an MEB. My VA exam was crap and I'm going throughout an appeal. Do you have examples of letters from supervisors, providers or family members to help support my claim? I just started a migraine log over the last two months. I really need help fast
    Hello Marine,
    I noticed you were a fellow leatherneck. I was wondering if you could take a look at my post PTSD and TBI Formal PEB and let me know what you think.
    Semper Fi
    Hey bud,
    Did u go to a FOrmal PEB? Mine is next month. Kinda skiddish about everything. The JAG assigned to me wants to set a deal with the formal board members prior to me heading to DC to settle things with me. Also has the Wounded Warriors helped you out at all?
    SSgt M
    saw that you knew how unemployment works here in mich. I still havent found a job yet and my TDRL date is 1Apr can you file here if so how? thanks.

    I saw your post to a Marine with a knee and back problem. I too am a Sgt with a backproblem very similar to his and a knee injury. I am about to go on a peb in about a week and saw you might have some good info. If you can let me know what you need to send me these items. I am new at this forum thing and pretty much alone in this board. I haven't a clue as to what I need or should know as to not get screwed over. I have been on limited duty for 2 times and am not on a third time. I willbe on a board once I see my final doctor, a spinal surgeon who will say if he can fix me or not. I am confused about a lot of things. enough about thatthough, I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.
    As soon as I get a new cell, I'll let you know. I'm kind of in limbo about it now, since the plan I had was cheap because it just worked for here and a couple other places, but since I don't really know where I'm settling down after this, I've been waiting to pick up a new one.

    Y'know, as often as I had to deal with stupid calls from work, sometimes I really don't miss it at all.
    It is! It was like I had been compressed down like a spring, and after the news everything just kind of unwound. It's such a relief to be out from so much pressure.
    Chat's not working for me either.

    I'm still waiting for the TDRL finding to sink in. I think I'll be halfway through terminal leave before it really does. This whole thing only took two and a half years. Sheesh.

    I'm surprised I'm awake enough to be online. I should be in a turkey coma still, I ate so much yesterday. Hope you're as full as I am!
    I got 40% TDRL, all thanks to Jason. I didn't even have to go to the formal to do it. I've been running around kind of in shock, getting the paperwork signed, starting the check out process and setting up meetings with people who will need to know I'm leaving and who will also be signing my terminal leave chit. :D
    He has not been here as often, but as far as I know, things are going well for him. I hope he is just busy.
    Awesome...cool pics and I appreciate it, if it were just my pics, it would be pretty boring. I hope people catch on to it...Gotta run, I am heading out to a Formal PEB at Bethesda.

    That is great to hear, I hope your transition is going well and you are getting some relief.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    I was told the board's backed up until sometime in November, so it'll be fun flying back east during that time of year. If I get let out in the middle of winter it's definitely going to put a halt on my traveling plans until spring comes around again.
    That's fantastic!!! :D I hope now will be a time to relax and de-stress, if even only for a short while.

    I went and dropped my stupid phone out of my pocket somewhere, so as soon as I get a new one I'm going to have to get you my number again. I'll let you know how my formal board goes.
    Things here are getting back to normal...I was swamped last week, coming back from a week on the road at formal PEB's prior to that. I feel like I am either insanely busy or watching the paint peel, depending on the day. :)

    Detroit....yeah, we'll see about those Pistons!

    Glad you like it...Things here are good, busy, I just moved again and got all my out of temporary storage, which is nice. I am hoping the site gets some publicity, I talked to some reporters this week. Anyway, be good, and I hope your migraines are taking a break.
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