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  • SGT P,

    Thanks, I am well, hope you are, too.

    As far as the specific question, I am not sure which circumstances you mean that would allow a NG member to transfer to Retired Reserve with less than 15 if they are not fit due to non-LOD condition. My understanding (and what I have seen) is that NDR with at least 15 can go to Retired Reserves. Do you remember which regulation you were looking for?

    I have gone through "Technical issues" with the references. I will try to post some tonight in the Home> Library section. Basically, its been a time crunch on my end :)

    Feel free to post any follow up/clarification.

    SGT P, SGT John Here, or least this is what my children call me. which reg are you refering to? Thanks,

    SGT John
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