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    Question about how dependent pay is disbursed

    Keep it in perspective, you have to be approved before you make plans on what you will Do with the benefits. Good luck going through the process.
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    VA paycheck

    Maybe you had a leave balance?
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    Tax Question

    You pay income tax on your retirement pay. VA compensation is not taxed.
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    VA paycheck

    Give it 60 days
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    VA paycheck

    Took about 3 months for me.
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    SSDI Dependent Benefits Question

    Eligible dependents Will get up to 50% of what the sponsor receives. There is a family limit. Example, disabled person gets 1500.00/month 3 kids won't get 750 each they get 250.00 each.
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    I don't understand this process

    Your Pablo should be able to give you some basic advice on some of your questions. What is your status, active or NG?
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    Student loan discharge for 100% P&T vets

    I heard that in 2019 the discharge won't be considered taxable income. But it won't be backdated.
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    Where am I in the process

    Your dd-214 would not have been produced until your terminal ended. Usually its on your first day of retirement.
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    Where am I in the process

    Give them some time, you will get all that's comming to you. Your service has to complete their audit before VA will start to pay you. If you don't see your payment by 1 Aug make some calls then.
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    Lost medical records

    Thanks for the reply, I am AF. But I'm trying to help my brother who is Army retired. Needs his records for a VA claim for frost bite. The army could not find the records pertaining to this condition when he filed his initial claim. I will help him do the SF-180
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    Lost medical records

    How can I get a complete copy of my army medical records? I joined in 1982 I need my records for 1982 to 1987.
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    Pay Question

    Give it 60 says before you panic. Lost of moving parts, everything worked itself out. My Retired pay came in july vs came in august. Been like clock work everysince
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    VA Disability Award Letter? Payment question!

    My first payment came in August. It was for July. They held June payment until the audit was complete but I got it in Sep. So sep. Payment was for July and Aug.
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    2nd opinion, will this generate MEB?

    a second opinion it doesn't trigger a review, it all depends on what the doctors conclude. With the AF or failures or exemptions over a period of time might trigger an MEB
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