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    Approved...timeline and a question

    Good Day Perd75, I got an email from PDBR dated 10/29/2020, today and that's because I inquired about my status. That's 3 months and some days. Still no letter from DFAS or my branch. Can you suggest how long this process will take. I mean this has already taken over 2 years to get to this...
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    Last stages of PDBR??

    Good Morning Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines. I have been absent for some time now but want to ask if anyone has anything they can offer this process. I received an email for the PDBR stating that my case is going through the medical review followed by the adjudication process. I've been...
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    Last stages of PDBR??

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I see a lot of good information here and find it very useful in determining the process and what to expect it. So, I'll begin by asking for advice. I recently sent the DD Form 294 back to the PDBR, in November 2018. I know its early but I didn't think...