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    DoD Pain Scale 1-10 and Disability

    If you look at the VASRD closely, it is almost always that range of motion is what it compensates for... pain is never the compensator factor... people are always better off stopping thier own range of motion when pain gets too much... the VASRD is written to compensate range of motion and NOT...
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    Lessons Learned / Resources

    Totally agree with all of it. Most of all the IMR, that and the narsum rebuttal are the very first appeals one has, But they happen so early in the process that we don’t know about them. I’ve seen many posts here about someone who is at the PEB stage and asking about appeals yet they didn’t do...
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    Mental Health Rating

    The VARR is an option you get near the end of this process. Your lawyer can help write the VARR letter, I wrote my own because my free JAG lawyer sucked. It’s up to you but far easier to get the increase now vs waiting until you get out and filing a NOD with the VA....
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    Mental Health Rating

    You can also submit evidence for the VARR right up until the moment you submit it, which is the second to last step in the MEB/PEB process. So you can print off the DBQ and ask your mental health doctor that is currently treating you to fill it out. If the doc isn’t comfortable doing that then...
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    Mental Health Rating

    Yes it means that you will be rated at 30% even though the box is checked for suicidal ideation. The VA does this all the time, the rater just goes with whatever is checked in box 3.a, or 4.a if it’s the PTSD DBQ. Read this thread of mine about how to write a mental health VARR. If you...
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    Mental Health Rating

    Also take a look at your Commanders statement and use this as evidence of how much your mental health condition effects your occupational and social Impairment.
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    Mental Health Rating

    Sounds like you have a good case for a VARR. What I recommend is carefully review your Records for anything as you said meets the higher criteria and even get buddy statements regarding how your mental health effects you. How to Write a VA Buddy Letter (Step-By-Step) - VA Claims Insider Also do...
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    13 mths till retirement....feeling lost

    You have lots of chances of making the process use up the 13 months. First of all stop taking leave, all of your terminal leave will count towards your retirement date. Second, every time you get a piece of paper regarding the MEB/PEB process and you get 10 days to reply, take all ten days...
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    DoD over VA Compensation

    Ron is correct. If your DOD is higher than VA you’ll collect the full amount of VA and the residual amount of DOD minus VA. It’s much better to accept it this way because your VA portion will be tax free.
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    Can I MEB from the army reserves if I have 60% va disability rating

    You can be MEB from the reserves but understand they will only MEB you for conditions that they consider to make you unable to perform your duties.
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    Podcasting on SSDI???

    There is a certain amount that if you earn that amount or more is considered “substantial gainful activity”. If your podcast makes that amount tor more, you lose SSDI. Also the SS has access to IRS data and so SS will know whether you tell them or not.
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    PTSD was listed as "not combat related" during Navy MEB even with documentation.

    Appeal if the PEB comes back with it non combat related.
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    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read.

    Ron, at this point it would be better to just vote against anyone who is currently in office, because obviously, none of them really support us CH 61s. If they actually had an ounce of concern for us, they easily could/would have done so already... they passed a 1.9 trillion dollar spending...
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    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read.

    What I no longer want to hear is how much it will cost. Congress/senate/president recently passed a 1.9 Trillion dollar spending bill... it contained tons of pork... including 86 billion to bail out union pension funds... in fact only 9% of this bill went towards Covid... They can literally...
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    Analogous code used for PEB but now there is an equivalent code

    Does the new code mean you’ll be rated at a higher percentage and thus change the outcome? If so, you can submit an appeal to the ABCMR.
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