July 7


USMC Sergeant 6 great no NJP years TIS deployments yes ydaydayda
05oct2012 Injury sustained (hit by truck wile on dirtbike)
06-15oct2012 surgeries and hospitalizations
15oct-04dec2012 convalescent leave
05dec2012 assigned to limited duty
05april2013 limited duty re-eval plateaued in recovery refered to PEB
06april2013 met with PEBLO and entered into IDES
23april2013 NMA complete turned into PEBLO
24april2013 Met with MSC coordinated C&P exams 2 referred unfitting and 17 other conditions
24april2013 registered for ebennifits (gathering of evidence stage)
03may2013 first C&P exam
12may2013 Last C&P exam
07june2013 call from PEBLO NARSUM complete appt set for 11june2013 to review NARSUM
11june2013 NARSUM signed and sent to PEB in DC
19june2013 Called the PEB in DC and they straingt told me PEB found me unfit an is set package to the VA
10July2013 ebnifits hows a new claim that is complete and mailed findings off(?)
11July2013 Medial Chief tells me that PEB got my findings in and are working 199 ect
12July2013 Recieved proposed findings in the mail %20 DOD %70 VA
24July2013 Called PEBLO to check if any changes and just said no and only call once a week !
31Junly2013 PEBLO called rateings are in!!!!!
31July2013 Signed and accepted ratings DOD 20 Va 70 sep with severance heck yea!!! now waiting for New EAS


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