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    USAF MEB Timeline PTSD/Diabetes Insipidus

    Hello, Thanks for the support and feedback of this group. I will post my stressful timeline in this MEB process, USAF 13 years. Referred conditions for MEB (PTSD and Diabetes Insipidus) total of 27 claims. There is no WTU in the USAF, at the moment working in the Chapel while this MEB is...
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    Massive Veterans Affairs Evidence Intake Center Portal Backlog

    I have been on this MEB since August 2018, today I will have my first appointment with the Military Service Coordinator at the VA. It is ridiculous how our life's get put on hold for a non sense useless timeline.
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    Mental Health Condition ratings and timeline

    Were you inpatient for PTSD under the VA PRRP program? I was in that program from January to February for 8 weeks and currently in the MEB process.
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    MEB Process w/ 7 mo left

    They will medically extend you, 60 days prior to your date of separation your PEBLO officer will extend you. That is what it was told to me by my PEBLO. I have 10 months left in my contract and I will be most likely extended. I'm Air Force and the MEB process is very slow at the moment.
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    My timeline. Estimated separation??

    What’s are your DOD/VA ratings for your conditions?
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    MEB for central/obstruction sleep apnea

    Would you be able to tell us what the VA gave you the rating for, currently going through an MEB for PTSD and Diabetes insidious. Thank you.
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    My timeline. Estimated separation??

    Also going through an MEB for Diabetes Insipidus and Combat PTSD. I was notified about being MEB back in September, have not heard anything about it since I will be inpatient in a VA PRRP 8 week program soon. My PEBLO was able to give me copies of my two NARSUMS, and said that after the...
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    Ratings for Diabetes Insipidus

    Good Afternoon, Would anyone know where I can find the correct VA disability ratings for Diabetes Insipidus? I was doing a google search, but there are many different answers. Thank you.
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    PTSD & Diabetes Insipidus Med Board

    Good morning, I have been active duty in the USAF for 13 years now. I was diagnosed with central diabetes insipidus about 15 months ago, the possible cause of this medical condition was due to an IED explosion in Iraq, TBI related my endocrinologist told me that after conducting several tests...
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    MEB Diabetes insipidus

    Hello, I have been in the US Air Force for 12 years now. I was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus last year, today when I left the clinic the provider said that she would recommend me for MEB, because of the diabetes insipidus I can' deploy she mentioned. My condition is better with the...
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