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  • Do you know if VA Caregiver benefits legally be taken away without due process of law? The VA is sending notices either taking away or reducing benefits without so much as a physical examination. I'm 100% P&T SMC with Aid & Attendance and ours has been reduced by 75% effective immediately although we can appeal. The ramifications are causing our heads to spin.
    I have the same question, but don't see the answer anywhere, unless I missed it....
    hello, i'm sorry to send the private message, but i wanted to get correct information, i have been hearing so many different stories, ok, i have presently 34 years of military service 22 active duty and 12 reserve, i can retire at any time, i qualify for the final pay i came in the military in 1977 , I am presently a E-8 , i was told the meb would not hurt my chance, going through meb for cervical spondylosis , lumbar spondylosis , ashma, bronchosteoarthritis right hip, and left shoulder. I'm not sure if i well benefit from this, also i took at severance pay back in 1992 when i got out the first time, and i understand that i well have to pay that back first. Please give me some insight, thank you very much for your time.
    Could you forward me your MEB NARSUM APPEAL Letter. It appears not to be uploaded to the system properly. I am in the start of my 90day window for the MEB and they summarily saw me. So I would like to use or see your file to be safe on the report from the MEB.

    Thanks [email protected]
    I just created my account, I am a vietnam vet. suffering with ptsd.and all the other things that came form over their. and va . is still saying no. But I am still holding on.
    Understandable. Issue been going on full fiscal year. Injured at AT. went to outside doc off post. Ordered follow up. Unit took me and patient dumped at Local VA. Eventual Congressional fight for LOD of treatent. The situation snow balled to recent events, which. well Im looking for an 1. Attorney,2 AP was approached and in beginning story, stated, do you know of anyone else who had these probs. 3. due to certain stupidy......Im a a proud member of...THE USAR Control Group...EVER DAMN DIRTY TRICK IVE READ ON THESE POSTs the last cpl of days, has had happened. Knowing is half the battle. If ya know this jason Perry person, the attorney, then let him know the story is going forward. Thanks.
    I just had my follow-up appt with the referral GI dr. His "impression" (or what is being faxed to the base) is: "left sided mild/resolving colitis". There are no other comments on the form.
    Erickann- Can you answer the question i have about how long it will take to get the severance pay? Or do you know someone who can? Finance is giving me conflicting answers.
    i am trying to get information on putting in for home awaiting orders and how to do it. any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Probably not as often as I should. Thanks for the reminder, I will do one now...I am a bit concerned that the db comes out as a bunch of xml unintelligible gobbledyguk. Let's cross fingers I never have a db issue.
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