AF Form 1185 Commander's Impact Statement for MEB

AF Form 1185 Commander's Impact Statement for MEB 1.0

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The Air Force has recently moved to replace the "Commander's Letter," with the attached form. It is notable for several reasons.
First, it offers a place for the Airman to sign and offer comments. This is likely to be a key issue in cases and may well have a substantial impact on the ability to successfully argue for additional unfitting conditions not already documented by the MEB when it comes time for the Formal PEB (if necessary). I believe this will be an important issue making early representation (as well as an early decision about choosing a desired outcome) a more important factor.
Second, it does not list or state the "conditions" that the Commander is offering an opinion about.
Third, I have been in touch with and discussed this form with leadership at DPAMM and AFPC and it is just being developed. I inquired about the reference and guidance and was told that it is still being drafted. So, this form is still in its nascent stages and may undergo either revisions or there may be policy that impacts it in the near future. (I offered several suggestions to improve the form. It is unclear whether they will be taken into consideration).
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